Human? RD? Garbage Disposal.

With the week winding down, I have come to realize the RD in me has come our hardcore this week.

IMG_1702[1]So now for a round of checks and balances.

I started this blog.  RD

I had a three day work week. Human

During my time off I didn’t wear real pants.  Human

I celebrated Dietitian Day by eating a cupcake.  I think I broke even here.


I ran 6 miles last night, and about 9 miles total for the week.RD….well I did this because on my time off for my Birthday dinner I ate half a rack of ribs, a quarter lb of brisket, mac n cheese, and peach cobbler. Sooooo human might get the point here.

Then the time came when I did have to put on pants, and I was sad.  Human.


All in all in terms of being “nutritionally sound” this was not one of my better weeks.  And that’s because I am a human being.  I drink, I eat bacon, and enjoy cupcakes and beer.  I also like to sleep in and the thought of an early morning workout gives me anxiety.

The point folks, is I have integrated things I enjoy such as running, and yoga into my life to balance some of my less savory behaviors.

I also don’t stress over calories, but make more realistic concessions that I will eat more vegetables at the next meal, or next 3 meals.  Yeah. I’m also an RD who doesn’t like veggies.  But I’m learning to love them.

This weekend is also St. Patty’s day.  Truly one of my favorite holidays.  It is a real possibility I will look similar to this on Sunday: 


Remember guys.  Alcohol means liquid calories (please enjoy responsibly).  And those sneaky buzzed snacks…. Damn you Dominos.  Damn you.

How do you balance your human behaviors and healthy behaviors?

What are your “human” behaviors that you try to limit?

What “goals” do you try to aim for when trying to be “more healthy”?

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