10k’s and Holidays

Hi all.  Sorry for the little break, but I went back to my beautiful and native Michigan for the weekend, and am still recovering from a hard race, and substantial amount of food consumption.

Photo cred goes to Patrick my riding companion
Photo cred goes to Patrick my riding companion

I did a 10k with one of my cousins Saturday morning.  I was only fairly prepared, and actually quite nervous prior to starting the race.  For those of you who enjoy running or want more info on how I (a novice to intermediate runner) train for races I will be blogging more about that, as I have some longer (distance) races looming in the future.

Patrick (my boo-pie) and I went home this weekend as opposed to Easter so I could attend a big, fun old fashioned family Easter extravaganza one week early.  I also knew I’d be celebrating my birthday a little bit late with my family so I knew there would be A LOT of food/drink involved.

At the beginning of the year the RD part of me made the human part of me make a New Years Resolution that would better myself.  I chose to do a race each month.  For me I am motivated once I put my money where my mouth is (paying for races).  You don’t just spend 70$ on registering for a half mary and then decide to just not show up (and like all of these races are non-refundable).

One very human behavior Pat and I enjoy is getting fast food when we drive back to Michigan.  This is really one of the few times we eat like this, and we were both looking forward to some Taco Bell action….and therefore using it as an excuse to carb load before my race Saturday morning (had this been any longer distance than 6 miles I would have made some more appropriate food selections).  I was also highly anticipating the new Doritos taco.  I was not disappointed.  In terms of my race I was really pleased with my cousin and I, especially as I’m still sore.  There was once a time that the thought of running six miles seemed an impossible feat for me.  Now I run six miles (yeah sometimes it still seems impossible when I’m having an off day) and try to beat times.  Our goal was to pace 10 1/2 minute miles and we did that pretty close to average, which I am pleased with as our course was quite hilly, and on gravel/dirt road with pot holes and some cars.

Just being your classy RD enjoying a Doritos Cool Ranch Taco.  Aint no thang
Just being your classy RD enjoying a Doritos Cool Ranch Taco. Aint no thang

I’m glad I did the race as I went out with my family Saturday night and indulged in a very large glass of Summer Shandy with my dinner (hey gotta replenish), and royally pigged out Saturday at my family’s Easter gathering.

This weekend was the epitome of what I try to emphasize.  I feel pretty good about how my RD behaviors balanced out my human behaviors, and I overall enjoyed my weekend.

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