Do You Know where your Food is from?

Men might be from Mars and Women may be from Venus. BUT our food doesn’t come from space. It also just doesn’t appear on your grocery store shelves either.

Have you ever stopped to think how your food gets to you? The whole process? Well for starters thank your farmers. Have you hugged your favorite farmer today?

To really understand food as a source of nutrition one should consider where your food comes from. And guess what the word organic is not synonymous with the word “better”.

Many of my friends from the Midwest especially MSU and Michigan can appreciate farming especially as MSU is an agricultural school and you actually see farms in the Midwest.

This is Borris, who is the crown jewel of the busiest intersection in Elsie, Michigan

With that in mind you have a certain respect for the meat, and grains, and fruits, and vegetables, and dairy that you buy from the store.

It saddens me when I interact with patients and they have NO CLUE that their bacon comes from a pig or even any living animal.

I personally grew up on a farm and in close proximity to the Dairy Capital of Michigan- and saw daily where my milk and beef, chickens, and eggs came from.  My dad farmed for the better part of my life, and members of my close family still do.

So the next time you’re at your store and you are having a moral debate between the organic foods versus the mystery product from Venezuela versus the item that says it’s from “your state”… support your local farmers.  Seriously.


I really believe that this recent farm to fork initiative is more than a trend.  I think it’s really important especially in the controversy regarding Organic products.

So the next time you are driving through farm country this summer and have a few extra dollars, and see a farm stand…. stop.  It won’t get anymore fresh than that folks.


How do you support local businesses?

What is your favorite local products?

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