Stress Snowballing

Ever have one of those days or weeks where no matter how productive you are, or hard you work you just feel like you are sprinting in place?

I’m currently at that point. I have gone into work every day this week and immediately want to turn right back around, go home, and put on sweatpants…. Or my rubber ducky bathrobe (yeah I really do have one).

We all have these times and when we are in the middle of a busy stretch like this it is easy for some bad not-so great behaviors or habits to (re)surface.

During these times we may find that we are exercising less, eating more convenience foods + stress then the longer this endures then the more of our hard-earned progress we lose, then the more frustrating and difficult it is to “get back on track”.

I’m 1000% guilty of this and when I go a few days without exercising and eating junk I personally feel like a sloth.


Last night I proudly didn’t let my “sloth-cycle” advance. I worked an 11 hour day and all I wanted to do was eat a pizza and drink wine in my sweatpants. I went to the gym. I did a light workout and not only was I proud I did that, but my stress level was reduced significantly.

We are all human and we all get busy but what defines our “commitment” to our health is when we take the time (whether its 10 minutes or 40) to do “good” for ourselves.

What “healthy” behaviors do you lean on in times of stress?

What are some habits you struggle with when stressed?

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