A Very Human Wake Up

I’m not sure I have mentioned this before but my New Years Resolution was to do one race per month.  And so far I’ve stayed on top of that.  I did a 5k in January and February, and a 10k in March.  For me once I sign up for a race that’s it- I’m doing it- no backing out.  Especially some of these races in Chicago.  It’s much more expensive to do races in Chicago versus  Michigan.  So signing up for races here versus the mitten usually takes budgeting, and less buying of shoes.

With that being said I register for races pretty far in advance most times because most distance races (9 miles and up) are usually $60+ in Chicago- plus the more in advance you register the less expensive the race is.  So about 3-4 weeks ago I registered for a 10 miler at “the end of April”.

So upon having a second to breath today, and checked my email at my leisure, and updated my calendar, it came as a very alarming shock that my 10 mile race that I thought was 3 weeks away is in reality two weeks away.


So over the next few weeks I’ll be on novice/human-status running overload.  The way I run, and train for things is very “human” I do not do well with structured training programs that say you need to do “X” amount of miles per day five days a week.  I don’t like this because sometimes I am tired and sleepy, and want to lay in sweatpants, and drink wine, and eat popcorn.  I also get discouraged when I miss a day.  So what I TRYYYYYYYYYYY to do is run 3-4 days out of the week, and do one long run one day, and I plan it on the same day each week.  I usually celebrate the completion of a long run with frozen yogurt or mac n cheese.

So going forward I will make weekly updates on how this very fast training is going.  And should you not hear from me after April 20th- then I started the race and died trying….or I jumped into the lake out of shame…..


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