Grocery Store Treasures + Another Top 10


One of my very RD-ish traits is I adore grocery shopping- I think I’ve said this before. I love it. Except the longer I am in the store the more full my cart gets (then the more empty my wallet gets—-merrrr).

The breakdown of grocery stores is a scootchie bit different than where I grew up in Michigan. In Chicago you have: Dominicks, “The Jewel”- aka Jewel Osco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s (and Super Targets….but Target is dangerous for my bank account)

My favorite handouts down is Trader Joe’s. I love the hell out of those Hawaiian shirts, and everyone there is happy…it’s refreshing and disgusting. They also sell my pre-packed pomegranate seeds. I mean I know I can break the Pom apart myself… but why should I when they do it so well?!?!

I also prefer the amount of goods I can get for my money at Trader Joes versus the other grocery store.

But regardless of where I shop- these are my top 10 must haves that need to either be in my cart or have a stock pile at home:

1) Oatmeal – I have grown in my years to genuinely appreciate oatmeal. Instead of making it hot what I will sometimes do is add equal parts oatmeal and milk and some frozen fruit and let it sit over night in the fridge. Come morning you have a lovely bowl of cold cooked oatmeal.

2) Salsa Verde (+chips)- This is easily one of my favorite snacks, and Trader Joes has theeee best Salsa Verde and Flaxseed Spicy tortilla chips.

3) fresh fruit/frozen fruit

4) Soy/Almond milk- I only buy this versus cows milk because it takes me foreeeeeverrr to go through milk, and these milks have a longer expiration date

5) Fiber 1 Cereal or Trader Joe O’s- Fiber is filling. I will only eat cold cereal if it is packed with Fiber. Fiber 1 Chocolate is my new obsession

6) Yogurt/Cottage cheese/cheese- This is how I get a significant amount of my calcium, because sometimes I am really bad about drinking my milk. I love greek yogurt, and eat it for breakfast and for snacks, and even in cooking. I also love that ciliegine mozzarella that’s pictured above. I mean what food isn’t fun in “ball form”?!

7) Frozen meat/fresh meat all depending- I usually go by what I’m in the mood for, what I already have, and/or if I have a specific pinterest recipe in mind

8) Fresh or frozen veggies. TJ’s has an amazeballs selection of fresh and frozen veggies. I usually go with frozen so I can have veggies on hand for extended amounts of time

9) Pantry items (grains, pasta, sauce)/power bars — I just get this stuff as I run out or run low. My fav fav granola bars are Larabars, and Clif bars, and I love couscous, and pasta.

10) Maybe a little sweet treat or a special item – I usually pick out one thing that’s not on my list that I would like to try or treat myself with on my last trip it was dark chocolate covered cherries



  1. Sarah! I’ve recently started reading your blog! I love food and I love your posts! Hope things are going well for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad people are enjoying them. Things are good, busy especially with doing this. Hope all is great with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just bought and tried almond milk for the first time because I remembered you said it doesn’t expire as quick as regular milk….I’m not big on milk anyways…but omigosh…it was delicious…and I love that I can take a little longer to use it up! Thanks for the tip!

    1. You’re welcs!! I know, I didn’t like it on its own at first so I just put it in my cereal. Now I drink it all the time- and I love the extension on the expiration date. ๐Ÿ™‚

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