Race Training and Set Backs

If my long practice run on Friday was any indication I am super screwed for this 10 mile race coming up.  Pat who is much more positive than I am suggested the possibility that it’s better to have a crap-chute run before the race than during…. I know he has a point.  But when you run, and you have a bad day, it feels like a kick in the teeth.

I am also not a natural runner so when I am not in the mood to run but feel like I have to… it usually does not go well.  The largest upside of my long runs is that Pat usually feeds me afterward, and/or I get to indulge in a significant amount of frozen yogurt from Berrymoon (kicks Pinkberry’s fanny).

Sweet post-8 mile run Berrymoon treats
Sweet post-8 mile run Berrymoon treats

Usually when I do a race or practice run there are three different variations of me that show up to run.

1) The version that is there to run because it is the day for a practice run, but is highly unmotivated, and just going through the motions

2) The version that knows she paid darn good money to do a race, and doesn’t want to look like a fool and wants to do well, but  it’s willing to be uncomfortable in order to do well

3) The version that shows up to run, kick butt, stays on pace, and powers through the pain.


So far, at least for the races version 3.0 usually shows up….. and I am left to deal with versions 1.0 or 2.0 for practice runs.  I think on race days I also have the added benefit of some extra adrenaline which really puts 3.0 i with some extra pep in her step.

So part of m training over the past year or so has been how to deal with a bad run.  Acceptance is the biggest part of that, but it’s easier to talk about that than do it when you’re on a time crunch, and in the middle of what you know is turning out to be a bad run.

Sometimes what I do when this happens is I’ll switch tactics- I didn’t do this Friday, I just kept being a stubborn mule- which only made things worse in this case.  But sometimes when things aren’t going my way I’ll be less stubborn- and I’ll run a mile and walk a little, and so on.  Other times I’ll just turn off my Nike Running app, and just do a cross run- in which I just run at a slower pace for a longer amount of time.

This week should be interesting- it’s supposed to rain everyday this week, and it is my intention to include a 4 mile, 3 mile and 9 mile runs, and squeeze in some squats, arms, and yoga- and more post run fro-yo.  🙂

I’m also considering joining a running group that forms in my neighborhood- they were starting their run as I finished mine last week, and invited me to join this week…. I’m very apprehensive about this.  I don’t like talking while I run, also what if I am having a bad day? And I am forever thought of as the awkward turtle…literally because I don’t like to talk, and I move slow….. ugh.  Then it will go like a bad date, and I’ll have to make sure to always avoid the members of that running group.  Or maybe it will be really awesome and helpful for me.  Also they said there is pizza and beer afterwards….sooooooo I mean that’s pretty cool.

I think the important thing whether you are an experienced runner, novice, or intermediate is that you pay attention enough to your body to avoid injury, and allow for a bad run now and then, but work to better yourself after a bad day.  Or just say $%@# it and eat your fro-you, and try hard next time.

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