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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  🙂 I traveled back to the beautiful mitten this weekend to visit my mom and step-mom for Mother’s Day- too many exciting things were happening for me blog.  But I did take pictures 🙂


This week will be equally as exciting- I am going to participate in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Vegan Challenge- so I’ll be eliminating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy… for 5 days starting tomorrow.  By Saturday I’ll have gone from Vegan to Ron Swanson status in a matter of minutes (if you don’t understand this- you should probably indulge in some Parks & Rec on NBC).

I’ll also be adding more about my half marathon training. discuss more about fats, get in my TIU workouts, my sister will be moving to Chicago to start her internship, AND my bestie/future roommate will be visiting at the end of the week.

It will be a crazy and exciting week but I’m really pumped to share lots of pictures & stories.

I did run 9 1/2 miles today and it.was.awful.  My knee started hurting REALLY bad at the 7 mile mark, so much so that I was not really able to run for more than a half mile after that- I really hope it was just my body being tired from driving back to Chicago today.  I started off strong, but I also did plan well and eat right for long run.  I ate a lot of protein today and not really many carbs.  I did try to fuel before and during the run with a gel and 3 shot bloks before, and the last 3 bloks about 45-55-65 minutes in.

It’s so frustrating to have such a good run last week, and run so well in my 10 miler before that, then have such a lousy practice run.  The only plus to this is I know I’m capable of more, and that is motivating.

I plan to take it easy tomorrow, and do my TIU workout, and do some walking on the treadmill and maybe a little stationary bike, but I really want to be gentle with my knee.  I plan to do 10-11 miles for my long run this week, with likely only 1 practice run on Wednesday or Thursday.  (PS I despise/loathe/detest doing my long runs on Sunday- I am Friday Long-run kinda gal….

I’ll keep you updated on my Veganism each day.  Wish me luck.  I will need it.  No cheese, no Nutella, no Greek Yogurt, no mini ice cream sandwiches.

Come Saturday I could probably destroy all of this.  Just kidding...  No I'm not.
Come Saturday I could probably destroy all of this. Just kidding… No I’m not.

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  1. Good luck with Veganism this week! I’ll be there to assist in the destruction of those cheese blocks this weekend 🙂

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