Being a Vegan Day 3: Why Be Vegan?

Ok here’s what I had for the day:


Chocolate Silk, Apricot Coconut KIND bar, Hummus and pretzels (I know random, don’t judge me)

Black coffee & water


Veggie burger…. these actually taste good, and I like them a lot. 

According to my “Animal Free” Diet Coke is vegan.  I’m personally unsure about this, and might do some googling on this.  Regardless diva had some Diet Coke, because I was le tired. 


Tofu taco leftovers 3 tacos & 1 Plum

Peach pear La Croix


Dried Cherries

Today I want to talk more about why people choose to go veggie or vegan. 

1.) Sustainability to the environment

2.) Animal rights/not supporting cruelty

3.) Health concerns

I will cover these topics as unbiasedly (is that a word?) as possible. 

1.) Sustainability

Have you heard of meatless monday? Ok.  So I have too, and initially said “What’s the point?”  I completely admit to having a gap in my education on this aspect of veggie-ism (vegetarians and vegans (I’m getting sick of typing those words 🙂 ).  So upon doing this challenge I wanted to investigate the claims on veggie-ism and sustainability of the environment.  I also heard Al Gore on the Ellen Show discussing this once when I was at the gym and he talked about the financial and environmental benefits of this Meatless Monday, veggie-ism etc. 

I initially though this was a Liberal Campaign to make Meat Loving conservatives look bad, with made up facts and figures.  Turns out- there is some fact to this.  Well played Mr. Gore. 

But seriously I did find a few reasearch articles that do illustrate how animal diet versus a veggie diet use more natural resources.  I was very surprised.  The one I shared above is a little on the “older side” as it was published in 2003, but I think of the ones I looked at it illustrates the principles the best. 

Ok I get this.  I am someone who supports sustaining our environment, because I mean we aren’t able to live on Mars…. so we are kind of shit out of luck if we screw this planet up.  Just saying.  And I mean would you really want to live on Mars? If you think you do you obviously have not watched (the original) Total Recall. 

I’m down for reducing my carbon foot print, and I could totes go meat free a few days out of the week after this.  I could honestly do this even if the research was complete garbage, because the research regarding animal based diets versus plant based and heatlh- well that research is pretty well substantiated.  But I will acutally cover that tomorrow.

2.) Animal rights/Prevention of cruelty

Ok I just need to get this off my chest right away- have you looked at a Pro-Vegan website, or any website promoting dietary changes due to animal rights.  1) They are depressing & sad 2) They tend to be very biased straight forward on one way of living.  *cough* PETA.  Ok. I’m done.  The facts are facts- pork and pork products come from pigs, beef and beef products come from cows (so does milk), the salmon on your plate was probably brutally snatched from the water tortured mercilessly… If you don’t like this then it is completely someone’s choice to abstain from meat and animal products.

I’m done being snarky.  I have cat, and I love animals.  I also love steak.  As I said at the start of this I grew up on a farm understanding that the animals I saw in the fields were not pets.  They were livelihood.  That the venison we sometimes ate came from deer.  I’m not apologizng because where I came from farming grains and selling milk, and meat were forms of peoples’ livelihood. 

I also would like to point out that hunting helps control populations of animals that keeps local ecosystems functioning.  Nature is similar to our body and health in the sense of if there is one disruptive force- it can have a vast ripple effect.  Just something to consider.  Will I always eat meat? Yes.  Can I respect someone’s individual choice to abstain from meat or animal products? Yes.  But don’t tell me I’m wrong for loving meat.  Don’t force your ways onto me, and I’ll kindly do the same. 

Animal rights

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the health benefits of going vegan, and even some of the risks.  And I’ll close out Friday with my reflections on the week and what I learned.  You’ll probably hear from me again on Saturday or Sunday when I get done destroying a rack of ribs 🙂

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