Being a Vegan Day 5: Reflection & Thoughts

Hi all.  Happy Weekend.  So I made it.  Not without some bumps in the road, and some learning along the way- but I made it.  It could have been much worse I’m sure.  But overall it was ok.

Menu from Friday:


Oatmeal with dried berries and coffee


Veggie burger with mushrooms & mustard

Green peas and garbanzo beans with barley



Veggie pasta with lemon pepper papardelle and basil with mushrooms and peppers


Berry Pistachio KIND Bar

2 Plums

– still have some more Vegan/veggie recipes I plan to try


-I really enjoy meats and cheeses, and even though I complained to people a lot about missing it, I was actually ok, just allowing myself some diva moments.

-Being vegan is not easy whatever your motives are.  To be completely vegan to the 101% is not easy at all, it is a commitment- and it takes time to learn about foods that include dairy, and eggs, and additives and ingredients that are not considered vegan-friendly.

-Just because something doesn’t have dairy/eggs etc listed under the allergen info, doesn’t mean a product is considered to be vegan- as when some processed foods are “processed” they are processed in ways that require animal product- therefore “not vegan”

-Eating out is hard.  Really hard, but possible with the right support system (family/friends), and research. When dining even if being a vegan weren’t enough many restaurants are very tuned in to allergy needs, so when ordering in many restaurants it should be accommodating to many requests, and if they aren’t you don’t need to dine there in the future.

-You can do this to be healthier, and you will get healthier if you do it right, but going vegan for the sake of being vegan, and buying every processed food that claims to be vegan- well you’re really not doing yourself any favors

-This is super random.  I take a fish oil supplement daily, not vegan, but they do make vegan supplements for people who are vegan to help bridge any dietary gaps.


This lifestyle is do-able, but it is not for me 100% of the time.  But it is something I could easily do much more often, and will try to do, and here’s why:

-Heart disease runs in my family, and even though I try to already be very conscious of what I eat (I probably have beef/pork only a few times a month), I eat more fish and chicken, and beans.  However I think by including more sources of vegetable protein couldn’t hurt either, thinking ahead in a preventative sense, because I would rather eat tofu than take a statin someday- “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-This forced me to eat more vegetables, and this is something as I said- I need to force myself to do.  I’m really bad about eating veggies, but in order to fill up at meals, I had to lay on the veggies, and I had no complaints.

-I felt pleasantly full, and felt better during runs and workouts, mostly likely because I have a tendency to overeat my meats and under-eat on veggies, then typically after work I’ll go run and feel overly full still and sluggish because my tum is still busy with digesting.  Eating this way opened it up for lighter meals, that were satiating, and a snack about 2-3 hours following the meal was perfect- like a piece of fruit or a KIND or Larabar.

-This is not any easy thing, and essentially I feel the same way about this as I do many other things, but I will use religion as an example here: I can now say I have more respect for the challenge that this is, and be more supportive if any of my friends were to go vegan.  But I feel that just because I do something one way and you do it another way, or I believe one thing and you believe another doesn’t make either any more right or wrong.  Woah.  I just got super deep there.

My Plan:

Essentially I have no “cause” to go completely vegan, but I will continue to participate in meatless Mondays, and I’ll probably stick with doing more veggie things at lunch, at work, because I did feel like I had more energy, and forced me to eat more veggies, which I need to do anyways.

Practice fueling with more plant protein

Purchase more tofu to substitute meat – this will save me some monies too, because meat is expensive

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