Injuries & Vacation

Hello from sunny Florida 🙂 This is my second full day here and we are loving it. Pat and I flew down here on Wednesday evening, after a turbulent descent, and some sprinting through the Atlanta airport to make our connection to Florida- we made it.

Prior to this I have had a series of very poor runs in which my knee was giving me a lot of resistance- and by resistance I mean terrible pain. I have a history of knee problems, I have had knee surgery before I tore my lateral meniscus in high school, had the repairative lap done and PT and I was fine it gets achey here and there. Two weeks in a row at the same mile marker (7.5-8 miles) to the point I cannot run anymore.

I went to get a injury Eval done at my local Nova Care and basically over the years the outer muscles of my legs have grown stronger and the muscles if my butt and inner legs weaker (here I was thinking I had a great butt, but apparently it is weak as hell). So I have some exercises to do and I am meeting with an internal sports med doctor in Chicago upon returning from vacation. As of this moment in time my half marathon hangs in the balance. I will keep you updated on this, but overall it’s very frustrating. As I said before I am not a natural runner, and I have seen great improvements in my time, I have been getting very close to consistently doing 10-10:30 minute miles. Last year at this time I consistently did 12 minute miles.

Anyways on to happier things. Here are some pictures so far from our vacation.



At the Tampa airport after our flying adventures


Mojito with dinner


Lobster stuffed grouper with veggies and potatoes


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