Back to Reality

Well this is my first blog post, post vacay. If you happen to be a mid-westerner then you likely already know I’m not pleased to be back as the weather in Chicago now is not anything like the weather in Florida.

The shorthand version of our vacay was that it was lovely. We did day trips, and traveled down the intercostal area of Florida, we shopped and laid out by the pool, and exercised. Oh and slept, there was a lot of sleeping.

In terms of vacations Pat and I both had a great time, and it was fairly simple to stay healthy- his parents had stocked the fridge with Greek yogurt and water, and we ate most breakfasts and lunches at “home”, and had most if our dinners out. There was only one night that I felt I completely over- did it, but it was well worth it.

Thursday we laid out by the pool and worked out that night we had a beautiful dinner on the water.

Friday we did a day trip along the intercostal and ended in Sarasota in St Armin’s Square for some shopping, where I managed to pick up some goodies, and we took in a daiquiri or two at the Daiquiri Deck.

Day Trippin in the car


Diet Coke for Diva


A trinket I was eyeing in St. Armin’s square


One of the perks on Friday was there are all of these little tiki bars along Florida’s intercostal so we stopped at one along the way for some libations below is a pic stitch of some of Fridays festivities. Terra Nova is one of the stores we visited 🙂


Saturday we had another beautiful day relaxing and laying out preparing for our feast that night. We headed to Bern’s in Tampa that night. It was recommended to us, and it is also ranked as one of the Top 5 Steak Restaurants in the country. I will dedicate an entire post to justify its awesomeness but as for now suffice it to say- it.was.AWESOME.


Sunday we had another great day. Pat’s mom and I did some shopping while Pat and his dad did some golfing. Did I mention this was our ride for the week? Talk about no traffic 😉


Sunday night we went to the “Crab Shack”, and Pat and I indulged in some crab knuckles. They aren’t necessarily pretty to look at, but are PACKED with succulent crab meat that is much easier to access than those crab legs.

Overall Pat and I had an amazing time we got to relax and spend quality time not just together but with his parents too. It was so nice of them to have us we were NOT ready to leave yesterday. We were ready to turn around the minute we got back to Chicago because this is what we returned to.


At least my coworkers missed me enough to decorate my desk in my absence.

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