Running: Reflections and Goals

So I’m at a weird place with everything.  Right here and now in this moment, I think “yeah someday I could do a full”, and I have had these thoughts and ideas in the past.  I also very distinctly recalling last Saturday during my half- thinking to myself “you are insane, you are dying, why would you ever want to run a single mile over 13?”

Eventually by brain became so glucose depleted that I couldn’t think anymore- so that was that.  But now I’m having these sneaky “what if” thoughts.

For my avid readers- you know my back story which is simple: I.AM.NOT.A.RUNNER.

Tired as F

But I have kind of become one.  Running still remains a challenge, which I like.  But I am wondering how much physical pain I want to go through to keep pushing myself.  I genuinely think I might be psychotic enough to try something more than 13.1 miles.

There just so happens to be a 20 miler in Chicago at the end of September.

My line of crazy thinking comes into play because I tell myself “well you ran 2 1/2 hours- just add 15-30 minutes each week”.  Those 13 miles are NOT easy.  It’s not just a casual thing.  I spent the afternoon with awful (what I like to call) poop cramps- feeling like you need to go…but you don’t.

However I’m also at a really good spot in my training, which is why I am at this peculiar crossroad.  Keep going? Or back off?

In terms of my physical therapy- it’s going well, so why not continue while I have the supervision?  What do have to lose?


1) I’m in a good place to just keep going and see how far I can push myself

2) My knee is feeling better and I have the supervision of my physical therapist

3) I never thought I could do a half, and I have done two- so why couldn’t I go farther


1) I will have to run through some very hot Chicago summer weather

2) I remember myself very distinctly saying to myself last Saturday “you’re insane, never try to do a full”


Obviously the pros outweigh the cons, and the bottom line is I don’t have anything to lose, and this would be a new goal.  Now I just have to decide the Chicago Half? 20 miler? Or both? They are two weeks apart so I probably could do it….

The fact of the matter is- I do see myself doing a full at one point, and I also want to do the Ragnar Madison, WI-to-Chicago, IL next year.

Stay tuned.  I’ve always known I wasn’t coloring with a full box…. 🙂

bad run

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