Color Run Recap and Training Update

Today was the day for the COLOR RUN!!!  It was a lot of fun, and I was very happy to not be running the race alone.  I was on a team with two coworkers and another friend of one of my coworkers- we had to form a team early on to gain entry.

After the color-splosion :)
After the color-splosion 🙂

The color run is a “fun run” meaning there is a continuous start, and there is no timing.  I had a hard time wrapping my noggin around this- normally when I pay $45 to run- I want to run.  Not really the case in this race, but that’s ok.  I actually ran with my boss/friend Michelle.  She had a baby in October, and wanted to run with me because I actually planned to run as much of the race as I could. Michelle is not only my boss, but is a boss- she used to do marathons- she’s kind of legit.  But we ran together and had a lot of run.  Our other two teammates walked/jogged, so we finished a little bit ahead of them.  When we were able to run we ran well- so it was kind of a nice little speed workout, since about every time I felt like I was overdoing it- we needed to stop to get color.

Before the color storm
Before the color storm


It was a fun race, but pretty uneventful in terms of preparation.  I say that now, but believe me- I remember a time when I was terrified at the thought of running three miles in a race.  I would make sure to get adequate sleep, and not “over do” it the night before.  Last night I ate sushi, drank beer, and ate a hot fudge sundae.  I may act casual now- but believe me it’s come with practice.  I also won’t try to pretend I didn’t feel a little sluggish when we got going at first.  Fueling = important whether it’s a 5k or a marathon.

That aside I’m still super on the fence about my next move in terms of races.  I think most definitely I’ll be signing up for the Big 10 5k (maybe the 10k- but not if I want anyone to run it with me)- I’m trying to convert my friends and family into runners one-by-one 🙂

I will also likely do the Chicago Half.  I mean why not? If I do it I will actually get two more medals…. Yeah that’s a silly reason I know but I don’t care.  The 20 miler is a possibility I won’t rule out, but I’m going to keep those cards close to my chest for the time.  Because as I type this I know I’m going to have to train thru the summer.  As I type this- that doesn’t seem so bad.  But I know it will not be fun.

I did some hot yoga this past week (twice actually), and that felt great, I’m actually starting to like bikram, or at least have a better appreciation for yoga in general in terms of it being relaxing to me, as well as helping me with my strength and balance (because Lord knows I need help with the balance).  Yesterday I went to bikram, drank some gatorade, and later on went out for a 7 mile run.  Pat joined me for the last mile, as he has been working on running more himself.  That arrangement is the perfect set up for us as his pace is just a bit slower than mine- so when we start together I usually have to slow down, and we don’t go as far as I want.  When he meets me towards the end I can work on coming back from exhaustion to keep up with him, and speed up at the end of my runs.

I am also doing well with physical therapy and using my foam roller.  The 7 miles I ran was also with NO TAPE on my knee!!!  And it felt good.  Physical therapy is going really well, my IT bands are as bruised as ever.  My physical therapist is small but mighty- and I usually leave there exhausted and sore.  But as she says- it’s healing pain.

This week will require a lot of goal setting and planning on my part because it is going to start off really busy.  I’m someone who get’s easily flustered when I have a long “to-do list”.  Fortunately I will already be forced to be at the gym Monday for PT (yeah did I mention I get to see my physical therapist) at my gym- and I mean PHYSICAL THERAPIST.  I don’t mean a trainer.

And I just have to whip up some massive batches of grains for my cooking class when I get home, and then I healthy dinner for myself.  I bought a pound of spinach last week grocery shopping and I aim to put a dent in it 😉

I will be back this week with some awesome topics.



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