A Bad Run is Better than Having the Runs

I mean really.  It totally is.

So here is a super quick recap of my running life for the last few weeks.

I am still doing physical therapy like a champ.  My physical therapist, and my foam roller are beating the shit out of my IT Bands, BUT I am starting to have better strength overall.

Now I a currently working on my stride- which is a joke.  Obviously at some point my physical therapist would want to see me run- and she was not a fan of my form.

When I first started running I was a total heel-to-toe runner with a heavy heal strike.  Well then I started reading about awful that is for your joints, and form, and tried to develop a “mid-foot strike” which is what everyone raves about in terms of ideal form.  Welllllllllll at some point in trying to achieve that I eliminated my heel strike completely (explains why my calves get so tight).

Essentially I am back to basics working on my stride, and running heel-to-toe, and getting a nice leg rotation.  So far it still feels a little weird AND it’s screwing with my pace.  I am now finding myself going a lot faster (9 minute miles) which is MUCH MUCH faster than what I am used to so then I need to either slow way down or stop.

In terms of mileage I am doing well- I managed to do 16 very solid miles last week.  I’ll be shooting for 18 this week but that will suck due to having such a poor run on Monday night.  I wanted to do a 3 mile speed run and work on form.  As soon as I hit the pavement I realized my body did not want to run.  My muscles were tight, and I was tired.  If you have been following me for awhile you are well aware that I will look for any excuse on a bad day to not run- and Monday night was NO exception.  I wound up doing a very slow (nauseatingly slow 2 miles), and a lot of stretching.  I plan on yoga on Wednesday, and running Wednesday night (and possibly running 4 on the 4th :)- then a long run this weekend.

Fortunately I had an amazeballs run last Wednesday night in my running group.  I knew my stride/form was on point, and I was busting out 9-10 minute splits like it was my job.  I knew I was due for a bad day- and I am tired.  I have the day off today, so Wednesday my focus will be back on stretching more, and just doing a “good run”.  I don’t care if I’m fast- I am aiming for stride and consistency.

I have been join the running group by my place each Wednesday evening, and I am really liking that, and that’s really helping me in terms of goals, motivation, and confidence, and everyone is really nice (so that’s a bonus :))

Pears, wine, & PB2.  Perfect post run reward.
Pears, wine, & PB2. Perfect post run reward.

I am officially signed up for the Big 10 10k at the end of July, and the Chicago Half Marathon in early September.  I am also planning on a 15 k for the weekend after the 10k, those races will be perfect in terms of helping with my training, and keeping me where I should be in terms of mileage going into the half.  I want to get up to doing about 20-25 miles per week comfortably going into my half.  Doing the 20 miler still isn’t off the table, but I’m not at the point of a commitment yet.

Another milestone for me, is that I am doing so well running in this heat.  I managed to run last Monday in the hot humidity before getting trapped in a Chicago-style monsoon (it was terrifying).  I am making sure to stay hydrated, and do my gels, but the heat is not bogging me down the way I remember it doing last summer.

In true form I am not looking forward to my next run at all, even though I know I’ll be pushing myself to do really well (and probably will)- but after a bad run, I am always anxious for the next run, and if it will be better.  Even if the very next run isn’t better- it always gets better.

What do you do when something you loves frustrates you?

How do you stay on track after a crummy day?

This came on within 15 minutes, along with 25+ mph winds, and it scare the buh-jiffies out of me
This came on within 15 minutes, along with 25+ mph winds, and it scared the buh-jiffies out of me

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