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Hey guys. So running lately has been good. One of the favorite parts of my running has been running with my new running group: “The Venados”. For my avid readers you remember my initial apprehension of joining a running group- well- despite my pace improving I’m still not super fast.

As it turns out- it is easily the best decision for my running that I have ever made. It’s a really relaxed group of runners, and there is no cost (except for any gear I want to acquire), and there is no pace requirement. So for one day a week I have an intense level of motivation to push my limits, and go all out (now I just need that motivation when I run alone).

My intermediate (distance) runs have been good. I’m consistently running in the 10’s, and doing plenty of sub-10 miles which is awesome sauce for me. My last two long runs have been in the shitter, so that is unfortunately the only bad news I have to report . Last Wednesday I really aggravated my hip flexor, so I didn’t do a long run last weekend. I’m not going to lie I’m starting to sweat with my half marathon in exactly 10 days- and my last long runs sucked. My plan is simple: 9-10 miles this weekend, and some easy tempo and cross runs next week.

Getting Fly in the Windy City



On to other more fun things. Instead of our usual jaunt along Chicago’s Lakefront Path Wednesday- we trotted up to Streeterville for the Nike Get Fly 4 x 1 relays. Four runners- 1 mile each. The Venados roll pretty deep as we had 3 teams participate, AND for interested parties we got to try on the Nike Flys (the Nike Flyknit) and run in them- provided we put up some collateral of course.

It felt like those old high school track meet days (believe or not this slow little bitty used to sprint, and at one time could do a 400m in about 62 seconds…..hahahaha not anyyyyy more. But not only did we get to try on and run in some sweet kicks but we even had some legit chipped timed batons. I genuinely have no idea how fast my mile was. But by the time I got done I felt like I was going to vomit- that means I was fast right? My goal was to do anything less than since that is fast for me on a normal run. I think I was somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 based on my times at each lap.

In terms of the Flys- I like them. I felt so light- it was almost hard to control my pace at first. Overall Nike put on a really fun, and well organized event (remember- I love organized events) – they really created an atmosphere not of competition but of fun camaraderie. At the end they did awards. Neat little fact they did some pretty generous giveaways in addition to prizes.

I noticed this before but didn’t think anything of it. When we put on our trial shoes- some of them had beads on the lace. One of guys said her overheard that people with beads on the lace- get to keep those shoes at the end of night… I was literally like “yeah right, these shoes are crazy expensive, they would be fools to give these away”. Jokes on me. I got to take home a legit-ass pair of Nike Flys.

The AMAZING Flyknits I got to take home with me 🙂


A small group of team Venados!

Overall it was a fun night. In terms of the Flys themselves – I’m not sure how much distance I’ll be able to clock with them- since I am somewhat injury prone and require a bit more support. But I think they will be great for 5 and 10 k’s and speed work.

Disclaimer. Even though I got free shoes the opinions/reviews of the merchandise and event are all my own.

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  1. Great Blog Sarah! Keep up the running spirit! Enjoy yourself – love the new sneakers!! Liz


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