Because Candy Will Make You Fat…

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Hope you are treating yourself to fair amount of treats, and avoiding any tricks. 


Speaking of…. have you seen this little ditty in the news?  Apparently a woman in Fargo, ND decided to play “fat God” in her neighborhood during Halloween.  Apparently instead of providing candy to jolly little children- she planned to provide only some candy- and others with a note. 

Those receiving a note are apparently children that this woman feels are “moderately obese”, here is a copy of the note I have seen on the news and on the interwebs. 


Am I the only one who finds this a little frustrating?  I will go as far to say I think it is inappropriate. 

Personally I am not a parent.  And I try to tread extremely carefully both in this blog, and in my personal life to not make assumptions, or critique how a parent parents a child.  Honestly I think parenting should be in that group of topics that people traditionally shouldn’t talk about (money, politics etc). 

I have worked with families on making changes at home for children, and for families.  And while bettering the health of a family of a whole you do not need to address parenting in most cases. 

I have a few questions for this elusive “Cheryl”?  Are you a doctor? A dietitian?  Are you even a parent?  What qualifies you to be this neighborhood “guru”? 

I’ll only agree with “Cheryl” on one thing.  It does take an entire community to help with obesity making healthier choices, and promoting a safe place for physical activity and educating parents/families.  (I guess I am only in partial agreement since I reworded it).

I am in more agreement with Dr. Gordon – who is quoted in the article about this causing more harm than good to child.  It can.  It will.  Good habbits start with parents- and it starts even further back with parents having adequate, and available education and resources available to them to help themselves and help their children. 

I also want to highlight the last part of this article- that someone’s physical appearance does not necessarily reflect someone’s true state of health. 


What do you think about this?  Did this lady go too far? 

Do you think this is even an affective way to convey a message- or rather a lasting message?


Happy Halloweenie!!!! 

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  1. OF course its inappropriate. I actually emailed the radio station on Friday (and I live in CT) to see if there was a follow up and they sent me a message saying they don’t know of anyone getting the letter after all. They surmised that perhaps with the Media storm she decided to wisely back off.

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