30 Days of Thanks Part 1

I’m not traditionally someone who get’s all gooey and emotional, or even someone who admits to having emotions (I’m a little black rain cloud).  But I do love Thanksgiving.  And even though I’m sure we could all be a little more thankful for things year long – Thanksgiving is always the time we let it come to the surface.  This combined with some recent events have inspired me to do a post about the things I am thankful for.

1) My family.

Many of the things that will crop up on this list stem from the support, and motivation my family has given me.  Whether it’s my parents, step sister, extended family of aunts/uncles and cousins.  I’m genuinely lucky and loved, I’ve grown, and learned from my family.  They have helped make me who I am, then supported me emotionally, financially, and even sometimes physically 🙂

Dad and SarahSarah Morgan

Sarah and Mom

2) My friends.

Every body needs fransssssss.  I’ve been blessed- shall we say- with the best friends.  Friends that I have known for years and years.  There is a difference between a good/true friend, and someone you’re acquainted with.  I have friends that I talk to almost daily, and those that we can go for weeks without a chat, and those texts/phone calls fly by, and it seems as if no time has passed.  Friends that laugh at my terrible jokes, and tell worse ones right back.

Sarah and Katy

3) My job.

Now a days jobs are a commodity, and I have been fortunate enough to get a job that I love, with coworkers I adore- that allows me to pay the bills.

4) My education

One of the things that ties back to my family and friends- I was so fortunate growing up because college was never a question.  And beyond that I was supported to get a Masters Degree.

5) My roommate/bestie

Casey and I go back to the 4th grade.  We’ve been friends/best friends since then, we have been in every grade of school together, sports together, college together, and now we live in Chicago together.  She is my person.  And her dog is my niece.  We like it that way.

Sarah and Casey

6) My access to food and water

This sounds basic.  But I unfortunately do encounter patients who do not have these things, and try to make ends meet but have to go a week or two with getting groceries, or can’t pay their bills and don’t have electricity or a heat source to cook food.  It’s surprising that in this big developed country- there can be so much food insecurity.  But it’s out there folks.

7) My car

Roberta may not look like much, but she has been mine for almost 9 years, and for most of that time, she has gotten me around quite reliably.  And in this city- that’s even something extra to be thankful for.

8) A roof over my head

All of my life I’ve been fortunate to have a roof over my head, and food on the table.  Now that I’m providing for myself, and paying my rent you have a new respect for the roof over your head.

9) Running water and electricity

Just the other night my roomie and I were without power, for about 1 hour or so.  We initially screamed like little girls- and when we got our wits about us lit some candles and called in to report the outage/make sure the outage was reported.  Then we proceeded to watch a movie on one of our respective computers until the power came back on.

10) Modern conveniences that I often overlook

This continues from above- when we were without power we both remarked on how did people ever function without electricity (we may have been acting a little dramatic).

11) My cat (I’ll admit it)

As weird as it sounds, that furry little evil genius brings me so much joy.  I know cats can be assholes, and Chewy can be one too, but he’s my asshole, and he makes me smile.


12) The hard lessons I’ve had to learn

If you’re a little black rain cloud like me, and you’re taking the time to read this you might be feeling a little nauseated by what seems like my whimsical “thanks”.  But just like anyone else I’ve had to learn some very hard, shitty lessons, and at the time it seemed awful.  But hindsight is always 20/20, and those hard lessons are always there for a purpose.

13) The little traveling I’ve done

I’ve never been anywhere super exotic, but I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to a good chunk (not quite half) of the 50 states, growing up, and now.  I plan more traveling in the future, but I have some great memories already!

14) My coworkers

Sometimes my job can get a little rough, and I can always count on my coworkers to do one, or any combination of the following: crack a joke, say something inappropriate, buy me a cookie.  They are good people

15) Being able to live in this amazing city

I mean I’m a 20-something, and I live in Chicago.  That’s a butt-ton just to be thankful for in and of itself.

Alright folks there is my 1-15.  Please stay tuned for 16-30.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I love it 🙂 and I may have been inspired enough to do a Giving Thanks post myself! ….oh and I’m thankful for my awesome panda roommate who will get hit in the head by a flying beer or injured in some way whenever she’s with her bestie and still chose to live with said bestie regardless of the physical harm that may come her way!

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