30 Days of Thanks Part 2

Thanks for coming back to share in more of my thanks.  Here is the second half of my list.

16) Patrick

Pat is my significant other.  We have been together almost 4 years, he is truly a gem, and he gets my strange ways, and he is supportive, and makes me laugh.  He is pretty awesome, to the point that when I had to work over Thanksgiving he went home to visit family, and came back to spend the holiday with me.


17) Patrick’s Family

I’ve been lucky enough to feel as though I am a part of Pat’s family.  His parents and extended family are great people, and they are great to me.   His parents treated us to vacation with them in Florida this past summer and we all had such a blast!!!  Even outside of that my mom and his mom are pretty much this blogs biggest followers 🙂


18) The adventures and outings I’ve been able to partake in since living here

When I think about all the stuff I have done for someone that is 25- I’m pretty lucky.  I haven’t been able to cross some traveling adventures off of my bucket list, but I will get there.  Regardless I have been able to do a lot of legit-ass stuff in my life, and especially since moving to Chicago.

Here is short list: For a 25 year old I’ve probably eaten in some of Chicago’s nicest restaurants (Pat and I aren’t ballers but we like food, and that’s how we choose to spend our money sometimes- additionally his parents have treated us to a lot of that food as well), Seeing MSU play Kentucky at the United Center (I’m referring to basketball, when MSU beat Kentucky this past month), living a hop, skip and a jump away from Chicago’s Museum campus, seeing Book of Mormon, crowding to a Michigan State bar every Saturday during football season.

Sarah and Casey

The list goes on, but I am thankful to have such cool opportunities to enjoy this city around each corner.

19) Being able to run

Running is now my therapy, my motivation, my challenge- running has become a lot of things to me.  Not only am I thankful that I am able to run, I’m thankful Chicago provides such a beautiful place for me to run


20) Being able to have access to a gym to bike and swim

Yeah fine- I’m thankful for gym membership, this might be superficial but being healthy is important to me, and I am happy to have easy access to classes, bikes, a pool etc to stay healthy, and part of this is budgeting but since I make it a priority I am glad I have such easy access.

21) Being able to do all of the races I have done, and will continue to do

I love that yes, I have a lot of opportunities to do races- and I love it even more when someone/an organization benefits from my entry fee.  Some of my races (especially ones I am planning in the future) can get pricey, and I am glad that I have the financial means to be able to sign up for them.

22) Access to reliable health care

I mean…. everyone should be thankful for this if they have it.

23) Getting to help others

My job is essentially to help other people.  I am thankful that I get to do this, and help my patients rather than them seek out help from an unreliable source, or not get help at all.

24) Dental care

People your mouth is a factory for bacteria.  Get your teeth cleaning in annually!  To some this might seem like just another yearly task, but for others- access to a dentist/means to pay for a dental visit are non-existant.  Dental care is important to health and many times overlooked, and in the past year I have needed some work done on my little fangs, and not only did I have access to a dentist that I like, but I was fortunate enough to have a majority of it covered by my insurance

25) Being able to give back professionally

I am happy that I am now in a position that I am able to give back to my profession by taking on Dietetic Interns, by answering emails to Dietetic students who want to ask questions to a dietitian, who have questions about my job, the internship I attended.  It feels really rewarding, and I love that I have the opportunity to do it.

26) Groceries/Food

I was reminded recently that even though we live in such a developed country there is a lot of food insecurity (food insecurity is basically defined by the lack of knowing if/when your next meal will come, or having to skip meals/having little/no safe or reliable access to food).  Within a mile of my home I have 2-3 grocery stores.  Additionally I do shop on a flexible budget- I get what I need/want, I typically have enough funds to not even look at the prices when I shop- I just go get what I need.  I know all too well how fortunate I am just to 1) be able to walk safely to a grocery store 2) have access to a grocery store 3) be able to get the groceries I want/need


27) Opportunities to volunteer

One of the parts of my job I enjoy, is that I do get opportunities to give back, and work in the community.   And while I do enjoy talking about this, I also like it because there is a lot of misinformation out there, and I like being available to people who wouldn’t normally have access to someone to ask their questions.  It also gives me warm fuzzies.

28)  The Modern niceties

The things I use everyday that make my life easier – but I don’t necessarily “need” my phone, apps, computer, coffee maker, dishwasher.  Those things make my life easier, and well again it might be silly or superficial, but I like that I live in a time that I can ask my phone for directions.

29) Family & Friends

I am completely aware that this is a repeat, but today especially when I am away from my family for the first holiday ever, it makes me thankful for them more than ever.  And just as thankful that I have friends that are like family that I can spend this day with if I can’t go home.

30) Being able to give thanks

I don’t mean to step up on soapbox, but I am thankful for the right that I have to be able to share what I think and feel in a setting such as this.  And while I try to abide by what I feel is a sense of decorum I don’t need to worry about censorship, or worry about punishment for sharing something like this.

I hope everyone has/had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Cheers to you and yours!

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