25 Days of Fitness; Day 1 Plank

Hi everyone.

So the we all know that the Holidays are a hard time to behave, and maintain our healthy living choices.  This is typically the time of year when we fall off track, then feel the need to go into the next year repenting.

Well break the cycle going into 2014.  I have found that setting small, month oriented goals for training is really a way to keep me motivated.  Additionally if you add in an Insta gram or social media challenge… what’s not to love?

I came across this on a blog I love: Run Eat Repeat.  And I am going to do this to keep myself motivated this month, especially with traveling to and from Michigan.

This is the “fitness schedule” I will be following for the next 24 days 🙂 As you can see I procured it from Run Eat Repeat

The challenge is simple: it’s a 25 day challenge, that is focusing overall on improving health and increasing activity.

Day 1 was the plank.  I did mine following a 6 mile run, and I was le tired.  But I still held it for about a minute.  By the end of the month I’d like to be able to hold a good plank for 3 minutes.

Here is my plank:


I experimented with some video apps, so even though I held my plank for 65 seconds the video is only 35 seconds.  I didn’t think every second was necessary.

Monica from Run Eat Repeat emphasized the importance of keeping good form, and that it was ok to go either on your hands, or forearms.

I also (as you can see) was photobombed by not, but two animals – Audi who is clearly visible, and Chewy who selects to lurk in the background on the couch.

I’ll be using this blog to update everyone on my progress during this time as well as adding more recipes!   Stay on track with those, health and fitness goals you guys!  (On a side note Casey and I just killed a large pizza) …. Tis the season to indulge and celebrate!  But it doesn’t have to be the season of not moving and not keeping up on good habits!!!

**In case I didn’t make it clear- this is an idea I found on another blog (Run Eat Repeat) – I am following an idea created by someone else, and sharing my experience.

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