Day 2-4 of Fitness Challenge

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to do a quick check in on my progress with the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge.

Day 2’s Challenge was 25 Jumping Jacks, push-ups, crunches, and squats.  I did the jumping jacks when I got home from the gym, and did the rest at the gym.

I already to squats and crunches-a-plenty, so I decided to add on some modifiers to make them more difficult.

25 Days of Fitness Challenge- Day 2

Anytime I squat I add weight, and I have a few different ways to spice up crunches as you can see in the video above.  My form on top isn’t the best but I swear by that move.  Start with your legs in table top with a weight above or gently resting on your ankles.  The weight should be a little challenging but easy to maneuver.

Slowly – but controlled move your arms over your head and “recline” back while straightening your legs.  The weight will help stabilize you but try to do that with your core rather than rely on the weight.  As you repeat you should lift your fanny each time you bring your legs back into table top.

I wound up doing 75 jumping jacks, 75 push ups (those were the worst), 75 squats (with weight), and 75 crunches (25 with 10# wt added to do a chess press + crunch//25 of each of the varieties you see in the video)

My arms and abs felt significantly tired…but good

The Days 3 Challenge: go for a 15 minute walk after either lunch or dinner.

So I initially missed the point of this being IN ADDITION to your normal day and workout activities until later in the evening when I went to go do my run.  I thought I was in the free and clear because I walked to & from work (but I do that most days).  So I ran on the treadmill after dinner, and added a 15 minute walk to my 3 miles.


Day 4: Log out early, write a note for someone you love.

I wasn’t able to leave work or really log out of anything work related earlier than I would have liked to so I focused on the act of doing something nice for someone I love.

After my run, I decided to make cookies for Casey (and me).

Even though I managed to somehow screw them up (the dough didn’t have the right consistency)… they still turned out fine.

**Disclaimer: I did make cookies, I did share them.  But I wanted the cookies too 🙂


And yes.  That is  GIANT cookie on the bottom.

So far the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge is going pretty well.  Last night I also made a Kale and Squash Lasagna – so I’ll be sure to upload that recipe along with my progress on this challenge!


What are you doing to stay motivated over the Holiday season?


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