25 Days of Fitness Challenge, Days 5-13

I know I’m so incredibly behind on updating on the fitness challenge. Unfortunately I have been really busy learning how to be a first time “non-driver” in Chicago (my car broke down). And that – I am sad to report- had kept me from being really diligent in photographing my progress.

Day 5: Try a new workout class//workout machine//a new route on your run

I opted for the new workout machine. I tinkered with one of the arm machines at my gym- where you climb on a platform and kneel, and use your arms to dip up and down. It was harder than it looked (I admittedly have a weeeeeak up body).

Day 6: Spend 15 minutes stretching after your workout.

This was actually really good for me because with running in the sub freezing temps my muscles are experiencing an epic level of tightness and cramping. So actually forcing myself to stretch is the since best thing I could do for myself, considering this is the weather I’m up against.


Yeah I’ve still been running in this arctic hell.

Day 7: Drink half of your weight (in ounces of water)

I more than exceeded this just by carrying around this Smart Water bottle with me. I had to work on this day- so I started my morning with a coffee and 33 oz of water. I had half of another bottle before I left work (33+16), and finished the other half and another full bottle later in the afternoon evening. So about 99 oz of water. I was aiming for 65, but I knew I would be drinking this night AND I ran this day too.


Any time you’re worried about your hydration status all you have to do is check your tinkle, aka “the pee test”. If your pee is pale yellow/almost clear you are properly hydrated. The darker the pee the more water you should be drinking.

Day 8: Hold your plank longer (and extra 10 seconds)

I held my plank for a minute 1:40- I was super duper pumped about this – I have until the end of December to get up to 3 minutes- although I’ll probably need to do it more than once a week to hit that (as I said my upper body strength is not impressive).

Day 9: 25 each — jumping jacks//push ups//squats//crunches . Repeat 2-3 times.

I noticed the push ups were a tiny bit easier this week, and I modified the squats by doing one legged squats and plié squats. For the one legged I do as part of my physical therapy so I use a mirror to make sure my knee doesn’t go inward as I squat down. So 25 on each side. And the plié squats to work the inner thighs. I did the same crunch routine from last week. The chest press, the hallow man crunch, and the table top crunch.

Day 10: Take a 15 minute walk after lunch or dinner — bonus for bringing someone along.

So this night Casey and I went out to the Christkindl Market in Chicago, and Macys. The market is an outdoor Christmas market that comes to the city every year. It sells a lot of traditional German food (right up my alley) like schnitzel, potato pancakes, and warm wine.


(Photo cred needs to go Casey aka Suitcasey 🙂

So I decided to count our time walking around the market and Macys as my walk. I might be stretching it here but we did do a lot of walking. We just weren’t walking for he sake of walking 🙂


Day 11: Log off early and reflect on your blessings.

This day I couldn’t “log off early” but I did reflect on my blessings. In fact I was almost forced to reflect on them, as I was told my car was basically beyond repair.

This might sound silly but I’ve had this car since I was 17 (I’m now 25). This car got my through my internship and through my first few years of living in the city. I’m also blessed for having friends and family checking in on me making sure I am getting around ok in the cold without a car.

Day 12: The seven minute workout

I had to workout in the morning on this day- because I was leaving right from work to get on a train to go home to Michigan. Meaning? No workout in the evening. So I ran 3 miles then did this. I was destroyed by the time I got in the shower but felt so good that I worked out in the morning.

Alright folks I’ll be better in the upcoming week about not going 7+ days with out any updates on this fitness challenge.

Remember the Holidays are meant to be enjoyed but challenges like these can help us stay on track through this season.

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