25 Days of Fitness Day 13-19

Hi everyone!!!  Here is my update on the fitness challenge.  Clearly I am behind again, both on posting here, and Instagram updates.  I am on the blogger naughty list… I know.

Day 13: Light a candle and do some yoga/stretching before bed time?

I decided to forego the candle since I was home this weekend, I did some stretching following a little 3 mile jaunt on the treadmill.


Day 14: Plan your meals and exercise for the week

This was actually pretty easy because I knew I would be eating out a lot this week, and partaking in various Christmas parties.  So what I did here, (since I didn’t even buy groceries) was focus on 1) making healthy choices when eating out, and being at the parties and 2) getting in 5 workouts this week.

I got really lucky at work this week, since my Christmas party with the other dietitians consisted of greek food, so most of the fare was on the lighter side.  And the other nights I ate out I made sure to try to follow the plate method the best I could (protein, veggies, and a carb).

I feel like planning ahead is really the key to Holiday success- knowing what days your parties will be on, and planning healthy lunches and breakfasts and finding time to exercise are really important, and make it easier to getting through the Holidays.

Day 15: Hold your plank for an extra 20 seconds

I am now up to two minutes.  Not quite at 3 (which was my goal) but I’ll keep focusing on doing this once a week to keep improving my upper body strength.

Day 16: 25 each– jumping jacks//push ups//crunches//squats repeat 2-3 times

I did this at the gym, and in combination with my weight day, and it proved to be a KILLER workout.  I was sore all week.  Not only did I do my normal workout as planned- but I did this in addition to the workout that I already planned.

Like the times I previously did this workout, I did the jumping jacks and push ups like normal.  For the squats I did 25 plie squats, and 50 squats using the low cable to slightly twist at the top.

For the crunches I used the hanging leg device thingy (so technical I know) and did 25 of those x 3.  It was brutal.  My lower abs were on fire the next day.

Day 17: Take a 15 minute walk at lunch or before dinner

In the most boring fashion I just walked again for fifteen minutes prior to my nightly run on the treadmill


Day 18:  Go through your phone and text 3 people you miss just to say “hello”

This was kind of a nice little challenge especially because I have been super stressed out.  So it was nice to grab my phone and use it for something other than playing candy crush, or stalk instagram’s food pics

Day 19: Get in 25 minutes of cardio of your choice today!

This goes back to the “day of planning”.  Now that I do not have a car, I get a ride one day a week to our clinic.  I was also going out to dinner this night, and knew I wouldn’t make it to the gym.  Even though this is normally my “sleep in” day (as I don’t have to be up at 6) I still got up at 6, and ran 3 miles on the treadmill.  There is nothing better than a burst of endorphins first thing in the morning…. well that and coffee.

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