25 Days of Fitness Challenge: Day 20-25

Here it is folks!  We have made it to the final stretch!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season, and enjoying time with their families.

Day 20: Spend 15 minutes stretching after your workout…Touch your toes!!!

This marked the first time I was genuinely stressed out by the Holidays- mostly from packing for my trip home to Michigan for the Holidays (I hate packing, in fact I despise it, and I always over pack no matter how much I plan)- so to manage the stress I hopped on the elliptical, and did some stretching, and weights, and it was INCREDIBLY therapeutic!

Day 21: Plan how you are going to stay balanced with food and fitness next week

Well I jump-started the next few weeks by doing to runs this day.  I ran two miles in the afternoon with Pat, and then later ran about 4 miles with Nike for a flash run to celebrate the darkest day of the year/Winter Solstice.  My plan is to get 5 workouts in over the next week.  I am taking some Tone It Up workouts home with me, and planning to run at least 3 days- regardless of the condition- as long as there isn’t ice.  If there is ice I will be using the treadmill but I do prefer running outside.

Day 22: Hold your plank for an extra 30 seconds

Held my plank for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.  I’ll continue to work on my planking skills, as now I really want to get to that 3 minute mark.

Day 23: 25 Each — jumping jacks//push ups//squats//crunches

I traveled home this day after work, so I knew there would be little-to-zero time for a workout after work.  SO? I went beast-mode at 5:30 AM and worked out for 30 minutes before work.

Day 24: Take a morning walk at least 25 minutes long!

Well this didn’t happen.  This had to be postponed for a few days, as I returned to Michigan late the night before, I got up early at Pat’s parents house to head home.  Unfortunately a few days prior my “neck of the woods” had been ravaged by a wicked ice storm.  Long story short my home- along with about 150,000 other homes in Michigan were without power for the Holidays.  So my walking and running habits were not allowed (as there is no treadmill, and running outside was a no-go as the roads were not only icy but ice laden branches were (and are) still falling).  So I did some resistance work with my resistance bands.

So as I write this I did complete my walk – just not on the 24th 😉


Day 25: Enjoy your day- and be present

And so I did.

Despite not having power, my family and I had a fantastic day enjoying each others company.  We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a generator, so we at least had tv (to watch the Disney Christmas Parade), Christmas tree lights, and be able to plug in a toaster to make Christmas waffles.  This will definitely not be a Christmas I forget, and thanks to the kindness of others – lending us a generator, lending homes to heat food, everyone had a great day.

I also got to spend some time with Pat’s family for a little bit- which was a lot of fun.  And I came home, and played cards with my family- which always proves to be not only fun, but HILARRRRIOUS

Buddy the Christmas Panda made an appearance at card night
Parker Allen Josephine is given a special seat at the table when we play cards
Parker Allen Josephine is given a special seat at the table when we play cards

**Post Holiday Update**

The Holidays always prove to be a time of indulging, even when we have the best intentions.  For the past two days I have ran 3 miles each day, and plan to run again tomorrow.  I’ve paid a lot of attention to what I have eaten the past two days – trying to behave more than I indulge.  I was even mildly well-behaved this afternoon at Red Lobster with my mom- I only ate two biscuits, and ordered the broiled flounder with vegetables.


Since Christmas I have tried to be on extra good behavior with my eating making sure to get in a lot of lean clean protein, and getting in more veggies than carbs.  Which was exceptionally hard with the biscuits Red Lobster offers, but somehow I managed 🙂

Remember with “recovering” from the Holidays- don’t skip meals, focus on lean protein, vegetables, and healthy carbs.  Make sure you have a protein in at each meal to help keep you full- things like nut butters, eggs, salmon, left over light meat turkey, cheeses, etc,  then add in your veggies – for breakfast try doing a little egg scramble with some peppers.  For lunch try a “garbage salad” with leftover holiday meat, veggies, a healthy carb, and some oil and vinegar dressing.  If the weather is better in your area try to do a light walk before or after dinner.

I hope everyone had a safe, and happy holiday!  I really did have a fantastic time doing this challenge- I want to thank Run Eat Repeat for initially posting this challenge!  It was a great time, and a great thing to do to keep me motivated- I hope it helped others as well!

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