100 Miles to Love

One of my new years/running resolutions was to get better with cross training this year to hopefully build lean muscle, and avoid injury.

At the gym I’ve been spinning a lot, and eventually I’m going to get brave, and start on the rowing machine to sub out some running.

One of the places I get my workouts is from the site Tone It Up.  I love their work outs- they are fun, and I ALWAYS feel it after I get done with these workouts.  They also post a lot of great recipes too  That being said I don’t always agree with some of their nutrition tips – (I know I’m a mean dietitian, and I do not think anyone but dietitians should make recommendations with food and nutrition).  HOWEVER, they really, really emphasize eating clean, and promote nutritious foods, loving your body, and exercising.  Which is why I have little issue with touting how much I love their site, and workouts.


In addition to the workouts one of the things I am working on over the next 30 or so days will be getting in 100 miles between Jan 1-Feb 14– #100byVday

As of the second I type this I am at 20 miles!  So 80 miles left in 33 days- so about 2.4 miles a day.

As it stands right now I am in the beginning stages of following a Nike training program for a marathon- provided I take a psychotic leap and run one in May- regardless 26.2 is happening for me, at least once in 2014, and Tone It Up is going to help me cross train to get there.

Did 4 miles on Chicago's lakefront trail!
Did 4 miles on Chicago’s lakefront trail!

Sunday was the first day in 10 days I could actually run outside, and I loved it.  I still had to be really careful in some areas due to snow and ice, but it was still amazing.  I will keep you updated on my progress with TIU’s weekly schedules (looks like some great workouts this week), as well as how I’m doing with getting in 100 miles before Valentines Day!

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