Social Sunday

Hey there!! Hope everyone has had a glorious week! I’m doing another social Sunday post so I can – you know- be social.

This week’s theme looks beauty themed so I am going to include some products I have used and found helpful in the past year for helping a runner stay fly.

1) How old were you when you first started to wear makeup?

I think I started to be interested in wearing it in about 6th grade, but wasn’t really “allowed” to until I started cheering in 8th grade.

2) What are your top 3 favorite beauty products?

A) Vaseline/petroleum jelly. Laugh all you want, this product is a jack of all trades- it keeps you from chaffing in the summer, it helps with chapped lips/skin in the winter. Runners need Vaseline. I am also partial to their lotions as well.


B) This is a tie between BB Cream and Benefit’s Pore concealer cream. I love both of these year round- the BB cream functions as a moisturizer/primer/light foundation/concealer. It feels light on my skin. My favorite is Maybelline. But sometimes I don’t even want that on my skin so I will use the Pore reformer/concealer and some light bronzer. The pore perfect hides any evidence of having pores on your skin.


C) I have 100% been feeling L’oreal Products for my hair.  I also really like Aveda as well, but those products can be expensive.  The L’oreal “Evercurl” line, just seems to work really well with my curly messy hair in general.  I use the shampoos/conditioner, the leave in creams, and I have also taken a fancy to the “hair mask”, and the “damage erasing balm”, I have used both, and both really add moisture to my hair, without making it feel greasy.


3) What is the one makeup product you don’t leave home without?

Finishing/anti shine powder, Chapstick – that is a toss up that I won’t compromise on.  There is always my anti shine powder, and some variety of chapstick/lipgloss

4) What is your daily beauty routine?

So, I always shower before bed the night before -so that is when I wash my face.  In the morning I will use some astringent, and moisturizer before applying my makeup.  In terms of makeup for a work day – I keep it pretty conservative – I use the pressed powder from Benefit, as well as Benefit bronzer, and sometimes some cheek highlighter from Benefit as well (Benefit is my favorite).  I use blush from Maybelline the “FIT” line, as well as Maybelline mascara – if I feel like doing eye make up.  If I do feel like doing eye makeup I will use the Naked palette from Urban Decay to do my eye makeup in neutral tones, that are more appropriate for a hospital work environment.


5) What is your favorite hair/makeup product you have discovered in the past year?

Honestly – the Ever Curl line from L’oreal.  My step mom coupons- and in one of my goody boxes she had given me the Ever Curl shampoo/conditioner, and I really liked it, so I tried some of the other products, and they have really grown on me!  Even though I run in the summer, and after a race or long run my hair should feel wiry, and sad – it doesn’t.

Have a great week everyone- stay tuned for my upcoming posts this week about my Eataly adventures, and Cornish hen making adventures.

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