Epic Weekend Recap

I hate to brag.  But I had an amazing weekend.  Friday I ran 5 miles, and enjoyed every second of being outside.  I rewarded this little adventure with some old fashioned Netflix time and some Banh Mi.

On Saturday I continued to enjoy a day of fantastical relaxation with leftover banh mi and more netflix, and a 3 mile run, I am not at about 40 miles towards my 100 miles by Valentines Day.

Saturday night was filled with pizza and fun, as Pat’s parents were in town to celebrate him graduating law school.

Sunday is when things really got exciting.  I went to gender reveal party (for a baby), AND Pat GRADUATED LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!

Everyone got to guess the gender based on "Mommy's" symptoms :)
Everyone got to guess the gender based on “Mommy’s” symptoms 🙂
"Bacon and eggs"
“Bacon and eggs”
There was a mimosa bar.
There was a mimosa bar.

There was not only a mimosa bar with various juices and champagne- which made me feel very swanky, and ritzy, but the 3 mimosas I had allowed me to be properly medicated for a law school graduation.  In all fairness – there were bagels too.


After all the guesses had been tallied, and bets were placed, the happy parents-to-be finally let us all in on the gender!!


Congrats Amy & Jason!

All-in-all my first Baby-Gender Reveal Party, was awesome.

After this it was time for Pat to graduate.  Pat and I have been together since before he started law school.  When we met- he had already decided to move to Chicago to attend law school, and I had decided to move here to do my internship/grad school.

Law school has definitely had its ups and downs for multiple reasons, but Pat has worked his fanny off, and not only did he graduate- he graduated WITH HONORS!



I’m so thankful to have been able to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment with Pat and his parents!  After the graduation festivities were had a great dinner at Tavern on Rush!

We have all been there before and this is one of my favorite restaurants in the city- their service is fantastic, and the food.  The food.

When I first moved here- this was the first “Nice Chicago” restaurant I ever went to- ironically that is where I met Pat’s parents for the first time.  So now every where I eat here (for steaks) gets compared to that.  Tavern is a tough act to follow.

The service, and food are hands down worth whatever amount you want to spend.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!  Please keep clicking those “follow” buttons!

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  1. Great post Sarah! Thanks for including Pat… and us too. Hope you are having a good week!


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