Eating at Eataly

So Casey and I have been waiting for the right moment to go pig out dine at Eataly.  It’s a pretty new addition to the Chicago’s Italian repertoire.

What is this Eataly place I speak of?


Eataly is essentially an Italian Food complex.  It is like a mall for Italian food.

There are two levels.  The main level contains fresh products, the Lavazza coffee, bar, the Nutella bar, gelato, pastries, housewares, and cookbooks.

The second floor is where the food is.  Well more food.  Here is a helpful map so you can visualize our glorious experience.

Casey and I perused the first floor for a little bit, and realized there were people walking around with glasses of wine.  So we went upstairs to find the wine.


We found the wine.  We each had a glass of Moscato, which was delicious.  It was refreshing, but not cloying.

We walked around the upper level, to decide what “station” we wanted to eat at.  We landed on the traditional pizza/pasta station.

We put our names in (they text you when your table is ready- how awesome is that) – and walked around the rest of the upper level.

All of the meats and pastas are on the upper level.  So you can not only


 eat at the seafood station but also purchase fresh seafood there when you’re done.   You can also watch people make pasta, and mozzarella – it was pretty legit.

Our table was finally ready, and so were we.  At this point we knew we were going to be drinking after dinner, so we switched from wine to beer.  I had a Peroni, and Short Rib Tagliatelle, Casey had a beer, and Lemon Butter Ravioli with spinach and ricotta.  We each shared with each other, because our love goes that deep.

Both of entrees were amazing.  We were bordering between pleasantly full, vs pain.


Here is something you should know about me.  I hate tomatoes – chunks of them.  HOWEVER.  I like the flavor them, and I can appreciate a good tomato sauce.  This.  This was an EPIC sauce.  And the pasta, it was decided that we have a new appreciation of al dente pasta – all of the foods were glorious.

Following dinner I opted for a double espresso, because I’m insane like that


The overall review:

Eataly is amazing.  GO.

It is a little on the pricey side.  But it is worth it, I wouldn’t lie to you.  I seriously could have cried when I took my first bite of my tagliatelle.  Our server Sandra was amazing, she gave us really good recommendations that included the two dishes we ordered.

Needless to say we will be back.

So.  You Chicagoans out there.  Go hail a taxi, tell em 43 E Ohio, and go get your Italian on.

**All opinions and photos are my own**

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