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One of the perks of my profession is the contant exposure I get to nutrition, disease, diet (etc) updates in the media on a daily basis.

Super Bowl Health

Fun Fact.  My roommate told me that the name “Super Bowl” is trade marked, and therefore in commercials it will be referenced to as “the big game” or “the game”.

Trivia is fun.

Here is an article on how to lighten up some favorite tailgate/game day dishes.

Slim Up Your Super Bowl Party with Simple Swaps

I’m always a big fan of making substitutions to lighten the load of calories, fat, salt, or sugar.


Food Labels

As the demand for more information regarding what we are eating rises in the U.S. it was only a matter of time before the FDA took it upon themselves to start re-vamping the food labels on products.

It will be really interesting to see what the final changes will be, and when they will hit the public, I personally dislike the use of percentages, and many of my patient’s find them confusing.  In fact a lot of the “jargon” and buzz words that are used to draw people in are confusing.  People think they are doing “the right thing”, and making healthy choices, but in reality they are still eating a highly processed product.

FDA Says Nutrition Facts Label will get a Makeover

Making Sense of Misleading Food Labels


Personally, the afternoon is when I do my worst snacking.  It’s typically the time I am doing most of my work related paper work, and my snacking habbits get the best of my good intentions.

Here is a little video that provided some good ideas for healthy afternoon snacking!

Smart Things with your Smartphone

Management of diabetes is obviously something near and dear to my heart – because I deal with that all day.  To be honest most of my patients do not have smartphones, so I’m always excited when I have a patient that does and asks about technology – based assistance.

Here is an article on using Smartphone apps to aid in Diabetes Control

I personally think these apps help a great deal when they are 1) being used correctly 2) when a person is genuinely ready to make lifestyle changes 3) when they are created with using sound evidence

When those criteria are met I believe you have an app on your hands what will be a fantastic assitance in DM control, weight loss, etc.

All of these emails are provided to me via the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics daily email update.

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