Restaurant Week Part 1: Grange Hall Burger Bar

So it’s Restaurant Week in the Windy City.  One of my favorite things about restaurant week is you get to try a variety of dishes at various restaurants for a set price.

It’s always a Prix Fixe menu (set menu, you get several choices for each course) for anywhere between 22-44$

Pat and I didn’t hit any restaurants last year, so this year I wanted to come back on Chicago restaurants with a ferocious vengeance.

Casey and I have been mentally and physically preparing for over a week now, we carefully perused through 300 restaurants, and narrowed down the list to five.  Grange Hall Burger Bar in the West Loop was our final choice.

So on Wednesday night we put on our best winter wear, and nicest pants with elastic waist bands, and ventured onto the green line to carry our hungry bodies to Grange Hall.  Grange Hall also had GLOWING reviews from one of my coworkers – who I trust implicitly.

To get you to understand my new-found devotion (some would say obsession) I’m going to give you some background info.

Me –

Despite living in Chicago now, I grew up on a farm.  I learned who to drive a tractor and an old pickup before a car.  My dad farmed for the better part of my life, and I think back fondly on the summers I spent running around on the farm, and helping him pick berries when he used to make wine.

Grange Hall/Owner Angela Hepler Lee-

According to my internet stalking – she is from Coldwater, Michigan- and grew up on a farm, and owns a farm of her own. I feel like- if I ever met this woman I’d probably have an awkward fan girl moment. Dear Ms Hepler-Lee, You are a badass. Love, Sarah.

From the moment I walked through the barn-like facade, my heart dropped, and melted all at once.  The inside reminded me of these fantastic farmhouses I remember from my childhood.  By the time I sat down to look at the menu my heart could have exploded from happiness – when I saw how many ingredients, and items were from Michigan (I’m lookin’ at you Vernors) I could have wept.


Then I realized that a Bob Seger song was on, and I could have just let my heart implode with happiness.


Ok.  I’m done talking about feelings now.  But a substantial part of what made not love adore this place was the fact that it reminded me of home.

GHBB Restaurant Week Menu
GHBB Restaurant Week Menu

I’ll talk about the food now.

The food was really effing good.  Like really.

So in terms of what Restaurant Week “allows” – for $33 we EACH got our selection of 1) cocktail, wine, or beer, 2) appetizer 3) Burger & side 4) Dessert, based on what our options were on the RW menu.

I will cover what I ordered as I have it on good authority that the blogger formerly known as Casey Suitcasey will be sharing her experience and opinions regarding our adventure.  So essentially you should follow her blog and wait for her to post about it.

For my cocktail I decided on the Flint Julep >> It was amazing, and it properly warmed for our walk back to the L

Mint + Bourbon + Citrus
Mint + Bourbon + Citrus

For my appetizer I had the chips and dip


Why yes- those are home made potato chips, that were crispy and delicious, with a homemade sour cream based dip.

I experienced a moment of food based euphoria that was indescribable.

For the burger I opted for the grass-fed beef with sharp white cheddahhhh cheddar & mushrooms with a side of onion rings


Yeah, the burger was a succulent patty of beef, on a warmed buttered bun, and those onion rings there- are probably on the top 10 best things I have ever put in my mouth.

And for dessert we both had the hand spun Red Velvet Ice cream


Our server didn’t need to sell us on this, but she attempted to – telling us that the base was a vanilla cheesecake and the chunks of red velvet cake- the cake which is baked there.

Do I really need to say more?

The final review:

5 out of 5.  Easy.  Our service was great, our food was great, the ambiance was great.  And if you couldn’t tell by my blab fest above- I’m obsessed with the overall feeling of this place.

I will be back, and you should definitely go too.  Just don’t go on a night that I am there, I’ll be ticked if I have to wait.

Oh they deliver too grass-fed yum yums right to your door – you can eat that burger in your pj’s.

And as you may have noticed – I labeled this as part 1 – I do have another restaurant lined up that I will be reporting on.

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