Social Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!

As I come down from a high of protein-pancake induced euphoria (recipe to follow), and gearing up for an afternoon of the Puppy Bowl, commercials, football, and guacamole- I wanted to squeeze in another installment of “Social Sunday”.

This weeks questions pertain to some of my favorite things

1) 4 Favorite Bands you loved in high school: 

a) The Doors

b) Third Eye Blind

c) Blue Oyster Cult

d) Fall Out Boy


2) 4 go to meals you’d love to learn to cook or can cook really well: 

a) I’m really good at making stuffed shells

b) I’d love to learn how to have patience to make pies

c) I can make really awesome roasted sweet potatoes

d) I can make a really good white bean + chicken/turkey chili

3) 4 Necessities to your daily life: 

a) iPhone + headphones

b) Computer

c) Coffee

d) Music

4) 4 Makeup necessities you must have if you could only have 4:

a) Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial cleansing wipes

b) Benefit Pore Professional

c) EOS Lip Gloss

d) Benefit Hoola Brozner



5) 4 Favorite Apps on your Phone:

a) Instagram

b) Pinterest

c) MyFitness Pal

d) Moves (pedometer app)


fitness pal

Have a great week everyone!  For those of you who plan to indulge during the Super Bowl Today – here is a little “Workout Game” to try during the game:

1) Every time you hear “Omaha” >>10 push ups

2) Funny commercial >> 15 squats

3) Touchdown >> 5 Tricep dips

4) Interception >> 10 lunges (each side)

5) Any time an announcer says something silly >> 20 second plank

6)  Field Goal>> 15 Crunches

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