Chicago Restaurant Week Part 2: Quartino

The month of January was an extremely busy month for me in terms of eating.  

I ate away from my home A LOT more often than normal.  While that meant some really good food, the month of February I’ll be more focused on clean eating, and exercising.  


With that being said I’m more than thrilled to continue to update everyone one more of the delicious food I consumed since my RW Part 1 post.  


Last Friday Pat and I had a date night at Quartino, to celebrate Restaurant Week (RW), an early Valentines Day, and Pat being done with School/to distract him from studying from the Bar.  

This is one of my favorite Italian spots, and Pat and I were in agreement that we will be returning.  

It’s decor is really vintage- which I love, to the point there were Italian shows on the tvs.  They also serve in “small plate” style, which I like, but Pat typically does not.  


We planned to meet up with friends later so Pat really didn’t want to go with the RW menu (which was a very generous menu), but he made a valid point, I hate drinking on a really full stomach.  


Our server was really helpful – we both love Italian food – so we aren’t picky when it comes to eating it, and she was really helpful with making recommendations.  


To drink I had a 1/4 Liter of Lambrusco, and to start off with the food we had the Stefano Pizza – it has no tomato sauce – rather: olive oil + rosemary, mozzarella cheese, parmigiano, basil & spicy sausage (it was SO delicious).  

For our entrees we landed on the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese & Penne Alla Vodka with the help from our server.  


We were really happy with everything we had.  And Pat – like I said- he does not like the small plates/tapas all that much.  However, he LOVED this place.  For the amount of food we got and the what the tab was – I really felt like we got a great deal.  

Based on the RW menu, I think we would have been immobile if we had gone from that menu.  

In terms of ambiance, taste, and price we were happy.  In fact our bill even came with a cute little post card 



AND the next day leftovers were also very tasty.  

I’m getting hungry just writing this post!  We will definitely be back in the near future!  

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