Social Sunday And a Recipe!!

Welcome to another Social Sunday Edition by yours truly.

This week’s questions from “A Complete Waste of Makeup” are:

1) What is your favorite thing to watch on a girls night? 

-I recently made Casey watch Now and Then – since she’s never seen it.  But for years (I mean that quite literally) a group of my friends and I would watch 10 Things I Hate About You & Spaceballs – religiously on our girls nights.

2) What is your favorite thing to watch on your day off? 

-Whatever I have an excess of on the DVR OR whatever show I happen to be obsessing over on Netflix at the moment

3) What is the favorite thing to watch when you’re sick

-This actually applies to me being sick or really sad/upset about something: The Princess Diaries.  That movie has been on around some point I have either been majorly sick and any type major sadness I have experienced.

4) What is the last movie you saw in the theater? 

-American Hustle.  I loved it.  Jennifer Lawrence for LIFEEEEEEEE

5) What are you top 3 favorite movies or tv shows?  


a) How I Met Your Mother

b) New Girl

c) Grey’s


a) Princess Diaries

b) 10 Things I Hate About You

c) Spaceballs


And now onto my recipe- since I was so busy eating out at restaurants last month I really didn’t do a lot of cooking.  Gone are those days, recently I have been more time in the kitchen and less time on public transit en route to a restaurant.  

So Friday night I took off my work pants and put on my apron and got all culinary.  


Pork & Sweet Potato Soup:

-1 lbs pork – pork shoulder would be good- I used tenderloin – it was too lean

-2 sweet potatoes 

-1 jalapeno 

-1 can corn 

– ~2 cups low sodium broth 

-2 limes 



So this was a recipe in my Diabetes + Slow Cooker Recipe cookbook.  Instead of using a crock pot I used my Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  

The thing is with the cast iron it’s better when you keep it seasoned – I keep mine seasoned with Olive Oil- so it gives whatever I make in it an extra pep of flavor.  I started by chopping up a shallot and throwing in some garlic to brown in the bottom of the pan. 

I used some of Swansons unsalted chicken broth – as it had by far the lowest sodium content (130 mg/ serving) – so I put a little of that in the bottom of the pot.  

I cut up two sweet potatoes and threw those in, and added more broth, then I threw in some frozen corn.  

At this point while those things were stewing I added some ground ginger, and chili powder.  

In terms of meat selection- I used pork tenderloin -which is very lean – so it can be pretty tough.  If you’re looking to cut calories this is the way to go, and you just deal with the fact you have tougher pork.  OR you can opt for a cut like pork shoulder – that will have a little more fat -and be a bit more tender.  

I seasoned that – cut it in bit sized pieces- and threw it in, with some chopped cilantro and added more broth.  

I let all of those things simmer for about 20-30 minutes until the potatoes were soft, and the pork was cooked through.  

The macros for the soup are as follows: 

Servings: About 5, 1 cup servings 

201 Calories

5 g of Fat

1 g of Saturated Fat

370 mg of Sodium

303 mg of Potassium

18 g of Total Carbohydrate

2 g Fiber

23 g of Protein

***This recipe is also a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron.  


I also personally had my soup on a little brown rice, and topped it with a spoonful of plain greek yogurt- so obviously that will add onto the calorie count – but not terribly.  

This recipe was really easy to make.  When I make it again I will probably sacrifice on some calories, and go for pork shoulder.  I will also marinate my meat over night as well.  

This was a really easy recipe to make.  In total time it took about 45 minutes from prep to finish.  To keep the sodium content down I really recommend this type of broth.  Finding broths and stocks that are truly low in sodium – that you don’t make on your own, are hard to come by.  

This recipe is also naturally gluten free, and as you can see the protein, calorie, and sodium contents are all pretty respectable.  



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