100 Miles to Love by Valentines


If you recall I set out to run/complete 100 miles by Valentines Day a challenge I got from Tone It Up!

Here are ways you can complete the 100 miles:

Running, walking, stairmaster, biking, swimming, and their Beach Babe DVD (which I do not own).

If you swim or bike you have to “modify” your miles a bit:

Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles

Swimming: miltiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles

 I wanted to actually run 100 miles, but the weather in Chicago over the past 5 weeks has not permitted me to run outside as much as I would like- and I can only run so long on the treadmill.

So I have had to utilize my favorite spin bike at my gym to get in my miles as well. 

Since I have agreed to run fewer races this year (in an agreement to spend less money), I needed to change my mindset in terms of “goal setting”. 

Last year I was motivating myself by lining up races.  So far this year I am using this challenge and my blog to motivate myself into getting in 100 miles in approximately 6 weeks. 

For those of you who aren’t aware – I live in Chicago, nay- Chi-beria.  The past 5 weeks in this city have been a fresh kind of hell- in fact in can probably only count on two hands how many times I’ve made it outside in that time.  I don’t mind the cold (unless it’s below 10- that my cut off run temp), but I do mind ice, and and type of slippery-ness that could cause my various parts of my body to go into various directions and lead to injury. 

I have ran over 100 miles in one month before, so I thought 100 in a month in a half would not be bad.  It sucked.  Mostly because I had to do a higher quantity of short runs.  Back in October when I peaked at 100 miles that month, I ran a half marathon, was training for a half, and for a 10 miler.  I was logging in longer runs, oh, and I could be outside. 

So getting these miles in has been a challenge, but one that I am glad I have taken on.  As it stands- in the moment I am typing these words I am at 97 out of 100 miles.  I am doing a 5k on Saturday (even though it’s the 15th) – that race will be my miles 98-99-100 🙂

Doing this challenge helped in a lot of different ways- than what I’m used to with just training for a race.  For starters: due (mostly) to the weather I was at the gym a lot more – since I wasn’t running outside- so I would run then I could go and acutally cross-train (something I’m REALLY bad about).  Since I really couldn’t do these long runs on the treadmill I started incorporating my favorite little spin bike.  This bike has an interactive screen that tells you when to increase and decrease your resistance based on your cadence (speed)- so I’ve started using different muscle groups.  I’m sore, but in a good way. 

 With that being said – I know need to figure out what my next “goal” is going to be.  I might stay with doing what I have been (another 100 miles by April 1), or something like that.  My first race is this weekend, I’m doubtful I’ll PR, because the high is about 20 degrees.  My next race is an 8K in Chicago (Shamrock Shuffle) on March 30.  I’m hoping the more we get into March the more the temperatures stay above freezing and the less I have to worry about ice/snow- which means the more I can run outside. 

Stay tuned for my recap on this weekends 5k. 




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