Five Things Friday… But on Saturday

Happy Valentines Galentines Day everyone


I wanted to do a five things Friday this week, since I actually have the day off and can update this throughout the morning!

1) I wish my 3 1/2 day weekend had started off better. Instead it started with a 2 hr and 15 minute delay with my train to come home. Fortunately I had supplies with me: hours of shows to watch, peanut butter and celery, and wine in my lunch bag. I will say though, after being on a train for 6 hours as opposed to 4. I (along with everyone else) was to GTFO when we rolled into East Lansing last night/this morning.


2) The only thing I like about Valentines Day is that it means I have easier access to chocolate. Other than that I think it’s a crock. I would like this holiday a lot more if it was less about “one special person” and more about appreciating all of the people in your life who make it great. In the words of the great Leslie Knope:


3) I’m REALLY excited to be back in Michigan, and being in Beast East Lansing/Lansing right meow (my old stomping ground)- I could cry. I have made it my unofficial mission to visit the Dairy Store on MSU’s campus before heading back to Chicago.


4) I have made it my mission today (and my mom has been really helpful in my mission) to do, and purchase and experience as many of my favorite Michigan related things today.




We visited Horrocks- where I was able to pick up some delicious treasures (food related treasures), we drove through campus, and I had my obligatory cup of Biggby Coffee (I even procured some K cups).

5) Tomorrow/today is my first race of 2014. It’s a 5k, and while I’m really excited I’m also really nervous. I would really really like to PR, but I don’t think the odds are in my favor, as I feel pretty tight from my train ride, it is also an afternoon race, so I know I am going to have to be SO careful with my caffeine and food intake.

With that being said – provided I survive my race— I will be back with an update!!

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