March is For….

1) March is National Nutrition Month

2) March 12 is my birthday

3) March 12 is also RD Day

4) March is the most stressful month of the entire year (March Madness/MSU Basketball)

5) March is the month in which I will be going on holiday (sorry – watching Elementary as I type this – so as the words go through my brain, a fancy British accent is being added) to Florida

6) March is the month in which I drink the most calories (see #2, #4, #5)

7) March is the month in which my mom came to visit, and I found out that I am basically an artist.

8) March is the month in which I will run at least 40 miles

9) March is the month in which I will visit the land of Harry Potter in Universal Studios (can we say Excitus Maximus?!?)

10) March is for blogging.

Over the next month I will be covering all of these things I listed above.

What I am able to report on as of right now : My mom, came down to visit this past weekend.  We ate a lot of great food, walked a lot, did some painting, A LOT of wine drinking, and some light shopping.

Friday night, we ate at Grange Hall again – and again it was fantastic.  Grange Hall is “mom approved” she wants all of the recipes.  I got really bold and tried their Garden Burger – their vegetarian burger.  I was intrigued at first – and our server sold me on it.  It was amazing!!!

Any veggies out there- try it!  It’s amazing.  It’s veggie friendly, not vegan – but their vegan burger also sounds amazing.  My mom had the beef farm burger, shared the homemade potato chips, and the chocolate pudding pie.

Bottom line: Grange Hall is still amazing, and Mother approved.


Saturday was a great day that involved wine drinking and painting at Bottle and Bottega, the n dinner at Grand Luxe, followed by breakfast Sunday at Eggsperience, and a day of “couching” and sweat pants for me.

In terms of  what is to come – I will be departing from the “Hoth-like” Chicago on Friday morning to fly to warm and sunny Orlando, for a week of sun, parks, and fun.

In the next 29-ish days, I will also be stepping up my running game.  I use Nike + and one of the people in my running group (most of my run club uses Nike +) started a challenge to do at least 40 miles in March.  So I said:”challenge accepted”, and now I need to do it.

So please stay tuned for what should be an exciting month of vacations, running, and nutrition!

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