Pi Day and Vacay Recap

Well. I’m back in Chiberia now. I hope the weather from Florida plans on following me, but it doesn’t seem like it has any intention of doing so.

It’s Pi Day folks!!! Celebrate with pie!!!!
Or a 3.14 mile run/walk. Or both!!!!!

My vacation was wonderful. It’s crazy that one day I’m running in shorts and a tank and the next I was running in multiple layers and all bundled up.

I went on vacay with my step mom, sister and her friend Kaley.


I flew in last Friday, and met up with everyone at the airport (they flew in from Michigan). We checked into our hotel- which was very convenient to all the parks!!

Our first park day was at Discovery Cove!! OMG I HIGHLY recommend. Everyone besides me opted to swim with the dolphins (I personally am afraid of dolphins- I think they are way too smart)- I opted to enjoy them from afar. It’s an all-inclusive so your ticket covers your food and drinks all day. We checked in, got our 21+ name tags and we were off. Things we did: snorkeling, dolphins, the lazy river, exotic bird feeding. It was amazing. It was so relaxing and enjoyable.


Like I said – DC is all-inclusive for the day. So you wants a pretzel or lunch- just show them your badge/name tag. Beer? Same thing? The food was also really good. There were a lot of options both healthy and otherwise.

Day 2 was at Sea World. Sea World was probably my least favorite but still neat in some regard. I love animals, and I love zoos, but even though I love them anytime I’m in that environment I always wonder if those animals are happy in that zoo like environment. I know I’m weird. But Sea World just finished this “Bands, Brews, and BBQ” Alabama was playing. I grew up listening to bands like Alabama, and I love beer, and I love BBQ- so it seemed like the natural place to be.


049 050

The next day we were at Magic Kingdom. I love Disney. I love it. Like you don’t even know. Pretty much everyone in our group are huge Disney fans- so that turned into a really long day. We were a little bummed because some of our favorite rides were being refurbished, BUT we did get to experience the new Fantasyland addition.




Our last day in the parks was at Universal: Islands of Adventure, aka Harry Potter Paradise.  Let me be clear – I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  I LOVE Harry Potter.  I was so pumped I practically ran through the park to get here.


It was everything I had imagined.  Kaley and I did the Dragon Challenge, which was pretty cool, what was also cool, was we got there early so we only waited like 15 minutes.  Then we waited in line for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  Which was awesome.  Honestly, probably one of the coolest rides I have ever been on.  Ever.  It’s a motion simulator, so you really aren’t jostled around all that much, but you feel as if you are.

After that we had a little snack (we unanimously decided the Forbidden journey ride was about 30 seconds too long – we all felt a tiny bit queasy when we got off), and headed to Ollivander’s Wand shop.  And yes.  Yes. I totally got a wand.


After the wand selection it was clearly time to have a nice lunch.  We opted for the Three Broomsticks, in which we sipped on Pumpkin Juice (which was really really good), and noshed on turkey legs.


And yes.  I had butterbeer for dessert:


No I did not get the frozen butterbeer.  I do not like frozen drinks all that much, and I was still really pleased with how the regular butterbeer tasted.  We did also visit the other parts of Adventure Island.  But my camera was dead at that point.

The next day was actually my birthday, but there was a little rain in the forecast, so we had planned for this day to be our miscellaneous day of shopping and other excursions.  So that is what we did: shop.  And eat.  And shop.  It was bittersweet since it was so much fun, but we all knew we needed to leave the next day.

And so we did.

I went from running in shorts and tank tops to tights, and 3 layers in one night.

This is the beautiful weather I returned home to.


The bonus of the cold weather, is the run I did with Nike on Thursday night had a special “guest”- Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears.  The weather was cold, and the run was good.


I should point out that even though he did pose with me, it was after pointing out how incredibly sweaty I was.  I assumed that it was either and observation made by someone who was impressed, grossed out, or a little of both.

Coming off such a good run on Thursday, I wanted to celebrate Pi Day with more than just pie/cake, that my coworkers had made me.  So I opted for another run, which went really well.

I LEGIT have the best coworkers.  Yes that is a panda cake
I LEGIT have the best coworkers. Yes that is a panda cake

Knowing my love of all things panda, cake, and alcohol, all I can say is that my coworkers get me, to burn off some of the cake calories I went out for a little jog.  IMG_3821

Despite 25 mph winds that felt like they were coming out of every direction- I ran really well.  And because I am obsessed with even numbers.  I did stop to take this picture – I really ran four miles.

So there you have it folks.  So far the month of March is shaping up to be quite lovely- and now: onto the NCAA Tourney, and some other delightful tid bits to round out National Nutrition Month!

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