Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k: Race Recap

Hi all.  Sorry for the long hiatus, it has been a VERYYYYYY busy week, and I have a lot of things to say.  But first I’m going to start with my recap of the Shamrock Shuffle, which I did a few days ago (March 31) in Chicago.

This was my first time doing this race, I have also never done an 8k before, so I don’t have anything to base my experience off of.  However, this is the 35th year this race has been put on, so it was a very smooth event, and overall I had a really enjoyable time!

In retrospect the only thing I would change/like to see different would be the packet pickup.  The packet pick up was at Navy Pier…. I hate Navy Pier.  Despise it.  I’m Pretty sure no one who actually lives in Chicago, actually enjoys coming to this glorified tourist trap.  But whatever- not a deal breaker, Navy Pier just sucks in general, but it is a good place (in theory) to have a packet pickup at.

The expo was super cool, there were a lot of awesome booths – and wine, there was wine.  The Naked wine booth, and the Nike booth were probably my favorites.  I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures, I was kind of in a hurry, and didn’t really get to enjoy/spend copious amounts of money (at) the expo.  I did get my picture taken though, to prove I was there obviously.

Shamrock Shuffle

I love free stuff, so expos, and goody bags, etc are all things that make me have feelings of happiness.

Race day, was smooth, well executed, and fun.  It was made very clear, what time you needed to arrive to be in your designated corral/wave, when the corrals would close, and your bibs were color coded to your gear check area, and the gear check stations were spread out, in respect to your approximate start area.

Despite there being ~40,000 participants, it was so well executed to the point that while there were a lot of runners around me, I never felt over crowded- I still had my own space.  The course was flat, and packed with spectators- it was apparently designed as an ode to the marathon in the fall.

I ran a really good race, and pretty much got the time I was aiming for, and averaged a 9:10 mile, in fact my first mile was just under 8 minutes, which is insanely fantastical for me – and probably also why I wanted to jump in front of train by mile 3.5, but I did finish strong.

The post race party was nice, there were 1) beer tickets 2) food 3) a good band.  I also liked that at the finish they provided water, and instead of individual packages of food, Marianos put the little packages of chips, and pretzels all in one larger plastic bag, which was really nice to not have to try to carry a bottle of water, and 4 mini bags of chips.

shamrock 2

Overall this race was really enjoyable, I had a lot of fun, and especially because I ran it with my run club which allowed us to compete in the team competition.  I would highly recommend this event, as it really lived up to everything it promised!

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