What I’m Loving This Week

I apologize for another underwhelming week of my blogging.  I have been the outbreak monkey (aka I’ve been sick) all week, so basically my life has consisted of: gatorade, soup, cough drops, sleeping, and running.

But in addition I do have a few exciting things I’ll be blogging about this weekend (I’m currently on the fresh hell called “The Mega Bus” ).

Earlier in the week I posted a picture of things I’ve really been all about over the past week or so.


On the top left are the Siggi’s Dairy “yogurt tubes”.  I’m already a pretty regular consumer of Siggi’s.  They are packed with protein, and just enough carbohydrate (it’s a great thing to incorporate when you need some of that extra recovery protein, like after a long run or a strenuous workout).  About 2 tubes equate to 1 regular sized yogurt.  These however work perfectly for me, because sometimes with my work schedule I don’t have time to sit down and just eat a yogurt, but the tubes are really truly meant for “on-the-go”.  I get these at my local Whole Foods, they come in boxes of 8.

Another great thing about Siggi’s is that they keep it really simple.  They don’t use milk from cow’s treated with growth hormone, it’s gluten free (as it should be!), and there are very simple ingredients, and not a whole lot of them (milk, sugar, strawberries, and active cultures).


On the top right of the phone at the top is my dark “power blend” of greens from Earthbound Farm.  Over the past year, I’ve developed a new appreciate and liking of green leafy veggies.  I mean I’m a dietitian, so I know they are packed with iron, and vitamins and other minerals, but I never really new how to prep them.  I started off small with kale chips, and then I would wilt my greens in a pan.   Now I just put a little bit of Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch oil dressing (bottom left of the photo), on them, and I’m good to go.

This a fairly recent obsession of mine, born and bred in the Whole Foods produce section.  Yes, there were food samples involved (I LOVE FOOD SAMPLES).  They were actually sampling/promoting the Tessemae’s dressing but I wound up leaving with the greens, and the dressing.  Your leafy green veggies are great sources of fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin C, beta carotene (active form of Vitamin A), folate, and vitamin E (Vitamins A, C, E, are our “antioxidants”, without going on a tangent – these antioxidants are good things to have in our diets).  Greens are really just a natural nutrition powerhouse.  But so many times their benefit is squelched out by a creamy fattening dressing.

Tessemae’s is like the dressing version of my Siggi’s – simple (not a lot of ingredients), delicious, and healthy.

The ingredients in the Zesty Ranch are: Olive oil, organic lemons, organic garlic, mustard (filtered water, and spices), spices and sea salt.  In that order, verbatim.  A serving is 1 Tbsp which equates to about 110 calories, a healthy dosing of monounsaturated fats (from the olive oil), remember MUFAs are our healthy fats!  And only 65 mg of sodium!!!!!

You really only need a 1 serving- it coats even a big bowl of greens really well!

And last but not least – my Kefir!!  Since I am not the religious milk drinker I know I should be, Kefir helps me get the calcium I need, as well as supply by GI tract with friendly bacteria (probiotics).  There is a lot of good things to be said about probiotics!  Without being gross, I noticed a very significance in my regularity when I drink Kefir versus when I am not drinking it regularly.

I buy TJ’s and Lifeway Kefir most frequently – because I shop at either Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Mariano’s.  Kefir is a fermented probiotic drink, that is made one of two ways – 1) (milk) with kefir grains – no, no real grains are used – apparently this term is making reference to the look of it – it is actually a dairy product, or 2) (“water”) a powdered started culture.  Therefore if you have a dairy intolerance you may want to opt for the water based.   Probiotics are generally considered safe, as they are essentially strains of bacteria already present in our gut.

All of the foods I mentioned above are great for either snacks or part of a meal or both depending on what you prefer.  They are packed with nutrients, and great sources of those respective nutrients.

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