My Marathon/Shortest Post Ever

Last fall with all of the running I had been doing, I kind of realized that I probably could have done the Chicago Marathon.  So I made the decision that this year I would sign up- come hell or high water.

This year Chicago went to a lottery format – meaning your entry is not guaranteed, you fill out your information, and hope your name get’s picked.  It sounds simple.  But I spent half of Monday refreshing my email, waiting for the email to come that would say “yay” or “nay”.

Let me tell you – I have never been so excited to just give my money away.


So I am officially registered, I have all necessary confirmation codes, and receipts, so it pleases me to say that on October 12, 2014 I will be running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

I find this statement both terrifying and delightful.

In terms of preparation, I am going to sit down later this week, and figure out an actual plan.  As of right now I am thinking of doing a 30 week program.  I have looked at a few, and I have kind of decided to make a hybrid of my own.  I have been looking at Hal Higdon’s website, and the Novice Supreme seems almost excessively too easy, and some of the workouts are just walking.

I also really want to improve on my half marathon time this summer too.  I’d LOVE to get down to 2 hours… or less.

So I am considering doing a 30 week “hybrid” program, I am thinking of starting the Half Marathon Intermediate Program, next week, and do that for 12 weeks, then go right into the 18 week Marathon (Novice 1) program.

So folks.  Shit is going to be getting real this summer.  My Saturdays are going to filled with early, sweaty long runs, a lot less booze, and probably toenail casualties.

And you’re going to be on this journey with me.  I’ll be keeping you apprised with my training schedule, my nutrition/fueling habits, and of course I’ll give a weekly toenail count.  🙂  I’m hopeful it stays at 10, but doubtful.

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