Lakefront 10 Miler-Recap

Hoppy Easter Everyone!

Yesterday I ran the Lakefront 10 miler for the second year in a row.  I really really like this race, it is honestly probably one of my favorites races, for several reasons.

1) Packet pickup –

Packet pickups are held at various Universal Sole & Road Runner Sports locations around the city, both years I went to packet up pick up at two different U Sole locations- it was easy, no lines, I got in and got back out.

2) The race itself-

The race itself is very well organized, they set up pace signs so people can align themselves with what their expected pace is, and are encouraged to be realistic about their pace, and also encouraged to be courteous to the other runners – as in move over to the right to walk, etc They did a moment of silence for those impacted by the bombings at the Boston Marathon last year, and a portion of our money went towards OneFund for Boston.

2014-04-19 09.51.57

3) Post Race Party-

CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) – who puts on the race – they have a lot of fantastic sponsors/partners/vendors – like Nova Care (physical therapy), Noodles & Co, First Merit Bank, Lagunitas Brewing, The Dekalb-Kane Cattleman’s Association, Plum Market etc

This was one of the better post race parties – period, they had water and gatorade endurance awaiting, and after that Plum Market had bagels and cream cheese and bananas – you could grab a bag and take what you wanted.

2014-04-19 09.44.30

Nova Care was doing post race massages, stretching, and injury evals, they also had mats, and sticks available for use prior to the race.  Noodles and company had bowls of veggies and hummus and mac n cheese, Lagunitas had beer (unfortunately IPA) on hand, vendors from Ragnar, and Rock N Roll Chicago were there handing out coupons, the Dekalb-Kane Cattleman’s Association were grilling steaks- so you could get a little nibble of steak.  The University of Chicago Sports Medicine – had a tent as well, and they were giving out hot/cold packs.

2014-04-19 09.55.53

So yeah- the pre-race, mid-race, and post race experience was all very nice.  They had six aid/water stations on the course, and excellent volunteers on the course.

I personally ran really well.  It was kind of a really random day, I was not expecting a great performance by any means, I was specifically using this race to push myself a little, and build up my mileage.

Well I pr’d.  So that happened.  I started off “going slow”- to be clear I felt like I was running very conservatively- when I looked down at my watch it said I was running at a 8 minute pace.  That is not conservative for me.  This fast, very fast.  I decided that if I kept this up, I would probably be dead (literally) by mile 6.

I run on the trail a lot, so I was pretty familiar with the course, so I did dial it back – and tried to not look at my watch, and just got by how I felt.  I realized that I was pacing around 9:20 on average- around mile 6 or 7, at that point I kind of realized I could PR, so I worked a lot harder to maintain my pace.  And I pr’d so that was pretty cool.  My official time was 1:36:24 a 7 minute PR.  I was really really happy, then even happier when someone from Noodles and Co handed me a small bowl of mac n cheese.

2014-04-19 10.07.55

All in all it was a great day!  I’m really looking forward to doing some half marathons this summer, ideally if I pace as well in those as I did yesterday, I will break 2 hours.  But that is bridge I do not expect to cross, but would very much like to.

2014-04-19 11.32.49

I did have one mishap along the way.  I felt some minor but annoying scratching within the first two miles, but it eventually went away.  Hah.  Remember to clip your toenails folks.  I took my shoe off to find a very bloody sock and shoe.  My middle toenail was digging into my other toe – and even though the amount of blood was significant – the actual scratch was very very small, and feels fine now.

2014-04-19 09.45.37

Also a big thank-you goes out to CARA, and their partners/sponsors for putting on such a fantastic event ***all of the opinions above are mine***.  But I did really enjoy the event, and will continue to do this again in the future.

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