Chicago Marathon Training. Week 1

So this Monday marked my first official week of marathon training. By official I mean- I have been barely following a more advanced half marathon program to build up to doing this actual marathon program. I have still been logging a lot of miles- in May I did 90, but not as many long runs, which let’s face it, are kind of an essential component of a marathon program.

In my first week I have learned a few important lessons.
1) I will prefer running in cold (yes even sub-freezing) temps vs humidity.

This week in Chicago has been super muggy/misty/gross- I have essentially been living in a cloud. I’m not joking. To the cloud!


2) Despite how hilarious and adorable your friends/boyfriends/strange acquaintances are….. When they invite you out for Friday happy hour and you have a long planned the next morning- you may be better off resisting their charms.

Lesson learned. In fact this was a double lesson. See point three below.

3) Hydrate like it’s your job
It’s summer, it’s hot, and humid. You need to hydrate adequately throughout the day, throughout your run, and after you run.

Sometimes I think I get intermittent cases of “runner’s hubris” and I get a little cocky about my badass-ness – and do stupid things like – drink too much beer the night before a long run and don’t drink enough water.  Or go for a 4 mile pace run in 99% humidity sans water bottle.

Humidity and straight up heat can impact people completely differently – for instance I do ok in dry heat – I don’t love it – but I am ok – I’m also fine in the cold.  But personally I find running in humdity so much more draining – I sweat more – I am also a very salty sweater – so really at this point I should absolutely know better and be carrying a water bottle.

More to come on hydration and its importance 🙂

So here is what I have been up to this week – I have been using the Nike+ Coach for the training – and I think I can do it.  It will not be easy, but I think in the end I am hoping it will pay off.

Monday > 4 miles (easy pace)

Tuesday > 6 miles (1 mi warm up, then 3 mi alternating between a faster and slower pace- aka fartleks-every 3 minutes, 2 mi cool down)

Wednesday > 5 miles (easy-to-quick pace)

Thursday > Cross train – I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet -maybe one of Nikes NTC workouts form their NTC app

Friday> 4 miles (easy pace)

Saturday > 8 miles (easy pace – the app suggested not to thing about your speed but rather the distance you need to cover)

Sunday > Rest Day.

Sunday is my new favorite day of the week.

The following week is basically the same.

This weekend will be a challenge because Pat and I will be in Michigan for a wedding, and I am historically THE WORST really bad at getting up early to go for a run.  But I know I can’t get into that mindset with training for this.  I’m starting to get it why so many people told me “half of it is mental”.

But I can also do it as long as I am able to plan for it, so that is what I’m in the process of doing.  I acutally have most of my summer already planned out in terms of my long runs.  I don’t know whether to be proud of that or if that’s a little sad….


  1. I’m with ya on this humidity. It’s been making me not want to run! And I thought the cold chiberia was horrible during my half training but I much rather run in the cold than the humidity!

    Can’t wait to read more about marathon training- I’m hoping to do it next year 🙂

  2. Not sad! Takes lots of strength & courage!!! Keep it up & don’t forget to have SOME fun!!

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