Marathon Training Week 2/16 > Recap

Happy 4th of July!  Are you getting in your “4” on the 4th?!

Give it a try – aim for jogging/walking/biking/swimming 4 miles on the 4th!  If you’re using a pedometer/pedometer app – aim for 10,000 steps!

There’s no reason not to get in a little activity on the holiday.  I know personally this is easier said than done, but if you are aiming for results (training for something, weight loss, etc) then the more consistent you are with your goals – the more easily they become “habits” versus “things you make yourself do because you think you should”.

When I checked in last week I was more than half way through week 1.  I finished the week – completing my 27 miles.  I did 4 last Friday (the 27th), and 8 last Saturday (the 28th) and rested on Sunday. FYI – Sunday is my new favorite day of the week.  Sunday = rest day.

I’m a big believer in how the first week of a training program goes- will dictate how well you do/adhere in the following weeks.  I know that doesn’t hold true for everyone – but it kind of does for me.  Last week was also a challenge because Pat and I went back to Michigan for a wedding – so I had to plan my days, and runs carefully.

I was able to run my 4 last Friday as soon as I got done with work, and got my 8 in last Saturday with the help of Pat’s dad who also likes to run.

One huge thing I noticed in my first week – is when I stack runs on top of one another i.e running Monday night then again Tuesday morning, 4 miles Friday night then 8 Saturday morning – I am so much slower and more fatigued on that second run – versus when I have a little more recovery time.  So this past week (Week 2) – I have tried to run about the same time each day – to give myself ample time to rest/ice/foam roll.

Week 2 is essentially a repeat of Week 1:

Monday> 4 miles

(3 m at a comfortable pace, last mile at a faster pace)

Tuesday> 6 miles

(1 m warm up, 4 miles at steady, challenging pace, finsih the last 1 mile with a light cool down)

Wednesday> 5 miles

(all 5 at an easy comfortable pace)

Thursday> Cross train

Friday> 4 miles

(3 mi at a comfortable easy pace, 1 mi at a faster pace)

Saturday > 8 miles

(2 miles at an easy pace, 5 miles increasing pace as you go, 1 mile cool down)

Sunday> rest

This marks the second week that I have had travel plans.  Thursday afternoon Pat and I left Chicago to go up to Grand Haven (Michigan) to visit his parents and stay on their boat.

Which requires extra planning – and packing.  I have to plan for my 8 in terms of where I can run (thankfully this has been easy because of Pat’s dad, and Grand Haven is so beautiful that I don’t care if I get a bit lost!) I am someone that if I don’t have a very clear direction I am prone to stop and wander….

This week I have also been WAY better about hydrating.  I am almost out of Nuun – so I’ll have to pick up some more, and my handheld has come on every run with me!  I can tell a huge difference in my pace and performance this past week with better spacing of my runs, as well as hydrating (the humidity has also been a little better in Chicago this week – so that has helped too).

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