Weeks Three and Four of Marathon Training

Happy Saturday everyone!  Sorry I have been not checking in as much, I have been very busy, but hopefully it will all pay off.

Week three of marathon training was the worst I’ve had thus far.  I got really side-tracked off of my plan, my long run sucked, and I didn’t run near as many weekly miles as I was supposed to.

Week 3 Plan
Monday > 4 mi (I didn’t run)

Tuesday > 7 mi (I did 3)

Wednesday > 5 mi (I actually did this)

Thursday > Rest (I ran 4 miles)

Friday > run 4 (I rested)

Saturday > 10 mi (I only made it 7)

Sunday > rest… I rested

Throughout the week I have pretty decent reasons as to why I didn’t do runs, or do the whole amount.  The most troubling part of my week was Saturday, my long run.  I don’t have a good reason as to why it went so wrong.

When I initially got up to do my run it was pouring rain… so naturally after eating my yogurt – I fell back asleep.  I got up later, and was hungry – so I ate a peanut butter sandwich – then 45 minutes later – went to run.  Mistake #1.

When I finally left it was 2Pm, it was overcast, so I made the assumption it would be “ok”.  Well it was really really really humid.  Within the first mile I had to stop because my stomach didn’t feel right.  Finally after about 2 1/2 miles I just threw up – and that seemed to help a little.  After the next few miles – I just couldn’t get it together, my legs felt so heavy and tired – which to me was upsetting as I purposely planned a rest day prior to my long run.

In retrospect it was very likely just me underestimating the impact of the humidity (by mile 3 I had sweat just running off me).  It didn’t make the experience any less frustrating.

With week three being such a train wreck week 4 was much better.  Something else that also helped me in week 4, was someone who I considered to be a seasoned runner in my run group sent me an article from Runner’s World, about following programs, and the absolute 3 runs you need to do each week – and that helped me significantly.

I get very big into “program shaming” myself.  Program shaming is when you are following a program to train for any distance, and you miss days.  She also told me DO NOT try to tack on miles, just run the ones you have left – ultimately one bad week will not impact your overall race day.

So I think this advice, and an ample amount of motivation have helped week 4 be a swimming success.

Week 4:

Monday: 4 mi

Tuesday: 7 mi

Wednesday: 6 mi – I did 5 my knee was bothering me a bit

Thursday: Cross Train

Friday: 5 mi, I only did 3, I didn’t want to overdo- it

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rock N Roll Half Marathon (Chicago)

This race worked out perfectly because this is my 12 mi weekend.  So I cut back a bit on Friday and had a nice easy run with Casey, before basement sushi (I’ll explain that another time), and gelato.  She is always more than willing to help me carb load.

IMG_4508 (1280x1280)

With that being said – I’ll be recovering on Monday of week 5 – but I’ll cross that bridge on Monday.  One big thing I am learning about myself – I really feel (and this could be all mental) a lot more energized when I rest the day before a long run vs running 3 miles today, and 13 tomorrow.

With my last long run going so incredibly awful I am nervous about tomorrow, but I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow is just training for something much bigger.  Obviously I want a PR, and to do amazing (I feel like I get my money’s worth that way), but I have been reminded, and keep reminding myself that essentially this is part of my marathon program, and crossing that finish in October is my end game.

So today I am just relaxing, catching up on cool things to post this week, and then heading over to the expo.  Obviously if I see Shalane Flanagan, I’ll be inviting her out for deep dish pizza.  So if I’m really ambitious I’ll have a brief post later about all of my fun at the expo, and definitely a post tomorrow about the race.  I am very excited – this is my first Rock’N’Roll race, so I am really looking forward to it!

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