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First of all, a big “thank-you” to Phu at See Phu _____.  For nominating “HalfRDHalfHuman for the award of “Very Inspirational Blogger”.

It really means a lot, it is always nice when other people find your advice/meandering/stories helpful or even inspirational.  Thanks Phu.

So here are the rules of this award:

  • Thank and link back to the blogger(s) that nominated you.
  • List the rules
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other inspiring blogs
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Seven facts about me:

1) I got into running because I was bored, and needed a challenge.

I never ever thought I would do a half, or even a marathon.  I also didn’t get into to it to lose weight but I have – I’ve lost about 11-12 lbs (some of which has developed into muscle), and I’ve lost time – as in I’ve gotten faster.  I’ve enjoyed getting better at running the most.  Fun fact – I ran a 10k about 2 years ago – in 1 hour and 20 minutes, yesterday I ran a 10k in 56 minutes.   If that isn’t motivation to keep running, I’m not sure what is.


2) I like cooking more than baking.

With cooking it’s “ok” to add a dash here, and a pinch there to play around with flavors.  But baking is an intricate chemistry experience.  You need patience, and specific amounts of certain ingredients to achieve the perfect density, and leavening etc.  I just lack some patience, and self control (cookies need cookie dough, and cookie dough has a tendency of finding its way into my mouth).  I also like salty foods more than sweet foods – I’d rather eat bacon than cake.

3) I am a huge nerd.

I spend a good portion of my day helping people get more creative with eating healthier and getting in more physical activity- I unwind by watching tv at night.  Or a movie.  Or reading my kindle.  Or a combination of any of those things.  I love movies, and pop-culture, and basically any tv show that makes me giggle even somewhat consistently.  I will also even play video games – provided it’s something that includes Mario.  I also love Star Wars, Disney movies, and anything Harry Potter


4) I learned to drive a tractor before a car.

And even a farm truck with wagons before a car.  I grew up on a farm, as an only child, summers were not a time I was allowed to sit around and watch tv, I was expected to help out.  I did everything from mowing the yard, picking up stones, to driving the tractor – and eventually the truck to help my dad.  This is very likely the source of my work ethic.  As well as my exceptional driving skills.  You’ve never really driven unless you have two wagons behind you.

5) Pat and I were both already planning a move to Chicago when we met.

Pat and I have been together awhile, but based on the time of when we met, a lot of people don’t actually know how we met in East Lansing, but both live here (in Chicago).  At the time we met, Pat had applied to multiple law schools, but was leaning towards one in Chicago that would give him more scholarship money.  I had applied to Chicago area Dietetic Internships and Masters programs.  So yeah,  I won’t say it’s “meant to be” but neither one of us is complaining.


6) I live with my best friend Casey.

Casey was my first soulmate.  We met in the fourth grade, we cheered together, ran track together, went to Michigan State together, we even lived together for a year then too.  Now we live together in Chicago with our respective fur children Audi, and Chewy.  Or rather our pets live in the apartment, and we are just the humans who disturb their sleep, and put more food in their bowls.  She also blogs as well (see below), since we have been partners in crime for so long- she is a huge part of many of my Chicago adventures.  We also have very healthy obsessions with all things MSU, and share in a mutual love/rage relationships with MSU sports.


7) I am really good at my job, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I never thought I would work in the area that I do – Diabetes/Weight Management.  In fact if you asked me two years ago where I thought I would end up – if you had suggested diabetes, I would have LAUGHED in your face.  After two years at this job, it has given me a ton of experience – I consider myself pretty well versed in the area of diabetes management, and I am actually getting ready to get an additional certification – my CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator).  As a dietitian, doing insulin instructions/pump teaching is not in my scope of practice- even though I work with these things often – as a CDE I will be able to instruct patients on these things, and work more closely with doctors to make recommendations on adjustments.  The way I worded that may sound arrogant, but I’m not – I know I have way more to learn throughout my career, and plan to keep doing so.


Ok.  Now for the blogs I follow.  I’m sorry I don’t read 15 blogs on a regular basis, here are the ones I read regularly.

Run Eat Repeat 

Chicago Running Bloggers

The Lean Green Bean


I like all of them for different reasons and they all cover a wide variety of my interests: running, food, nutrition, races, and travel.  I find all of these blogs inspirational, and helpful in various ways, and you should totes check them out as well.

Thanks again to Phu for nominating HDHH.


  1. No prob girl- you deserve it! It was awesome reading and learning a little bit more about ya and I can’t wait to read the ones you nominated. Also- I see you did the btn big 10k? Me too!

    1. No problem- I really like your blog too, my roommate and I really want to try the paddle board yoga. I know!! I love that race it is so much fun!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!!  Great Blog and it always puts a smile on my face!!! 🙂  Liz

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