BTN B1G 10K – Recap

Hi everyone- this past weekend was a super fun one, my mom came to visit, Casey and I did the B1G 10k, and there was a lot of food.  So where do I begin?


I met my mom at Tavern in the Park, we enjoyed cocktails, blistered green beans, and Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread.  The food was so delicious that I was such a bad a blogger, that I only took a picture of my drink.


My mom and I spent the afternoon walking on the trail, and went to the aquarium, and then went to Giordanos for dinner for some salad and deep dish pizza.



Saturday morning we all got up, and wandered over the mighty pedestrian bridge to Soldier Field to participate in the BTN B1G 10k, and 5k, and my mom came a long (in her Spartan gear) to spectate and support.  My original plan was to do the 10k, and turn around and do the 5k with Casey as I needed to get more miles for marathon training.

This is my second time doing the B1G 10k, and I LOVE this race, and I was excited that Casey agreed to do the 5k, so we could do packet pickup, and the post race party together, and of course -celebrate MSU.  We picked up our packets on Monday evening at Fleet Feet, the process was organized and simple.  On race day I had to be there earlier than Casey so my mom and I walked over around 6:30 (it only takes about 10 minutes from my apartment), and she kindly served as our “gear check” agreeing to hold our bags while she spectated.

The race was well organized – which is nice now that it has gotten so big (15,000 people!), it started right on time, and there was enough time in between corrals, that I didn’t feel crowded, although I was in an earlier corral.  The course was not anything “special” – I mean no offense, it went through McCormick place truck yard (not exactly scenic), and S Lakeshore, and the trail.  I’m just being bratty and jaded – because I run on the trail all of the time.  I just didn’t like the area through McCormick place.  But the course was flat, and there were enough aid stations.


I performed well, I nailed down a 6 minute PR with a time of 56:19, at a 9:04 pace.  I also PR’d my 5k too, with 27:50 – by best time being 27:54 – so it makes me excited to do a 5k race and see what I can do.  When I got done, I tried to find Casey to run with her, but I couldn’t.  So after the last of the 5k-ers were off, I took off and ran north on the trail to get the three miles I promised myself I would get.  I still had my shirt and bib on – so while I was on the trail I saw a few people clearly doing the same thing I was, and I saw a few more race participants that were clearly concerned about my mental health.


By the time I got back I found my mom, and then we found Casey.  We got our beers, and our delicious Amylu chicken sausages.  We hung out for awhile and enjoyed the prime people watching, and multiple beers (thanks to some Iowa fans who were willing to part with their beer tickets).  Then we walked around and enjoyed the post-race party.

IMG_4582 IMG_4584

This picture was made all the more sweet with MSU winning the Big Ten Championship last year.  So we wanted to maximize our time with photo-ops – my mom included 🙂

After the race we waddled back to our apartment, naps were taken – water was sipped, then my mom and I headed downtown.  We had a nice lunch at Grand Luxe, and then an architectural boat tour.


After that we met up with Patrick at Eataly.  IMG_4590I personally love Eataly, it’s crowded and busy and crazy, but I just really like it, I think it is so incredibly unique, and the pasta…. the pasta is so delicious.


I went to the wild side and ordered the Squid Ink Tagliatelle, my mom had the lasagna, and Pat had the Tagliatelle with Short Rib (which is my favorite).  Neither of them had ever been before, and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

All in all it was a fun weekend, that went by wayyyyy too fast.  This week will be another wild week of running, and another half marathon next weekend.  I’ll keep you updated on my anticipated training plan, and how I’ll have to tweak it for this upcoming race.


  1. I did the Big Ten 10k this year too – I liked last year’s course a little more but still love this race – On Wisconsin! 🙂

    1. I know – this is such a fun race. I think it’s getting to the point though, that they need to cap it, and keep it smaller- or start paying for street closures and let it grow. 🙂

  2. Wow you had a fun and busy weekend just like me! I also love the btn big 10k but I agree the course sucked. I liked last year waaay better. And I’m just not a huge fan of running right next to cars. We had a few msu people in our group that ran 🙂 I actually didn’t like the sausage thing (I didn’t even get it last year) idk I didn’t feel that great after the race.

    1. Haha I did! I just think they either need to cap it at a smaller number or allow more people to do it/ let it grow and pay for actual street closures- I know that would cost more- but I would still do it. I definitely liked the “sweeter” sausage more than the spicy one. We had people give us their food and beer tickets so we had doubles lol. But that was nice because then we could give my mom stuff as well.

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