Weeks 5 & 6 of Marathon Training

As you see from my previous entries, I have been busy lately with doing races.  Two weeks ago, it was Rock N Roll, last week the B1G 10k, and this past Saturday: the Zooma Chicago Women’s Half.

All of these races have really (but not really) altered my training program.  Really all I have done to accommodate these races is flip-flopping runs, and maybe taking it a bit easier during weekday runs.  I’ve also restarted physical therapy for a few weeks, to make sure I’m progressing and getting some kinks worked out of my IT band, and strengthening my glutes.  But overall things are progressing really well, I’m getting stronger, running faster, and am requiring less tape.  All-in-all good stuff.

My past two weeks of running have been a hybrid of my Nike Intermediate plan, and Hal Higdon’s Novice plan.  So here is what I’ve been up to:

Last Saturday > B1G 10k, + 3 extra miles

Sunday > 3 miles

Monday > 7 miles

Tuesday > 1.5 miles (was supposed to do three, but I forgot my socks, and my foot was rubbing, and I was getting a blister).

Wednesday > 4 miles

Thursday > rest day (wasn’t feeling well)

Friday > Rest Day – Packet Pickup for ZOOMA Chicago Women’s Half

Saturday > ZOOMA Half + 3 miles prior to race (16 total)

2014-08-02 09.21.59-1

Sunday > Easy 3 mile run + arm/core training

For the upcoming week (Week 7)

Monday > Probably about 3 miles – I actually have something exciting going on that I can fill you in on at a later time

Tuesday > 5 miles

Wednesday > 3 miles

Thursday > 14 miles

Friday > Rest

**I have a wedding this weekend, and I don’t want to do a long run somewhere I’m unfamiliar with so I’m moving it up to Thursday so I can enjoy the wedding weekend.

Saturday > 5 miles

Sunday > 3-5 miles

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of running 14 miles during the week, Friday morning will sucks lots – but the way that our travel plans for this upcoming wedding are panning out – I will not be able to do my 14 Friday or Saturday, and to be honest I’ll be muchas hungover Sunday.  So it’s either skip or run it Thursday… and I should at least make an effort to do this.

So far I can at least say I’ve been pretty good about adding miles to my races either before or after the fact.  I don’t have another race coming up until August 31st, however Pat and I have two weddings we will be attending this month so my runs will need to be juggled around a little bit due to traveling, and of course fun wedding festivities (champagne).

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