Nike Beach Bash Run & Marathon Training Update

This post is way way overdue.  I need to recap some really important things, 1) last Saturday a few people from my run club and myself participated in the Nike Beach Bash, and 2) an update for week 8, and now week 9 of my marathon training.

Due to all of these weddings, my marathon program has been altered a tinyyyyy bit.  Week 8 was supposed to be a lighter week, but since it was the week the fell between two weddings – so I added more miles.  Here was the initial plan for week 8:

Monday>> 4 miles (did 4)

Tuesday>> 8 miles (rested)

Wednesday>> Rest day (ran 8 miles)

Thursday>> 5 miles (did some cross training)

Friday>>rest day (I did 3.5)

Saturday>> 2 mi (I did 15)

Sunday>> 13.1 (I rested)

So because I knew I would be running with Nike, and have the extra motivation – I decided to take my longer run from week 9, and do it during week 8, and do a “shorter” 13 miles in week 9.  Especially as in week 9, I will be doing my long run on Thursday, as I am in a wedding this coming weekend!!!!!

Before I tell you about my plan for week 9, let me tell you about my run with Nike Beach Bash/World Basketball Festival.

So in Chicago this summer, Nike Training Club (NTC), has been doing these fantastic workouts all over the city.  This past weekend was kind of the culmination of all of those workouts – that ended in a coordinated run and workout on the beach – AS WELL as Nike’s Basketball Festival in Jackson Park.

For one thing – Jackson Park, on Chicago’s south shore – is beautiful – it is just gorgeous.  I don’t run down there very often (in fact I only run down there for organized races/events) – as you must travel through some questionable areas to arrive to Jackson Park – and I don’t have a car.



Nike offered us  5 mile, 13 mile, and 19 mile options, and because this is prime marathon training time they coordinated with some area vendors to let us use some water/aid stations along the route.  A lot of people from my run club went and I did 15 miles along with two other people from my club that run at very similar paces to me – so it was nice to not have to run that long alone.  I felt pretty good, and strong too, my legs were totally jello’d out when I was done, but in terms of the run itself, I felt comfortable, and confident.  I even tried a new fueling method – gummy snacks.!


This run was not my fastest pace, but it was 15 miles, and I ran it at a consistent pace, I ran half of the miles WITHOUT my headphones, AND I ran ALL 15 MILES WITHOUT MY KNEES TAPED.  This is HUGE for me.


Overall this was a nice experience because it was like doing a race – without paying to do a race, there was water, and food waiting for us when we got back.  Another cool part of this event was all of the Chicago-centered photography about basketball.  All in all it was a fun way to hang out, and spend a Saturday morning, and get in a structured long run.

Here’s what was on deck for week 9 (and of course what happened)

Monday>> rest (ran 3.5)

Tuesday>> rest (ran 4)

Wednesday>> 6 (rested)

Thursday>>Cross (Did 10)

Friday>> 3

Saturday>> 16 (I swapped this run to do last week, I did a short elliptical workout)

Sunday>>3 miles

I was supposed to do 13 miles on Thursday morning, and I had every intention of doing them.  When I got up it was pouring rain, so I decided to wait a bit.  I went out right after the rain stopped, and boy it was humid.  I tried really hard to be careful with my pace, and hydration, but I will tell you it was tough.  I was sweating so much that my fingers were prune-y when I got done.

After that I was off to Michigan to stand up in one of my best friend’s wedding on Saturday.  I managed to get short workouts in both Friday and Saturday, and even Sunday which I was pretty pleased with.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I had an amazing time in Michigan celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Dawson.


Going into week 10, I am starting to get jittery, as I’m really starting to realize how close the Marathon actually is (47 days!!!!!).  This week is going to be really intense, but I am going to try to follow the program, and get these runs done.

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: 8 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 18 miles

On Sunday I am running the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon.  To do my 18 miles, I am thinking of doing a 2.5 mile “warm up” and “cool down”.

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