DIY Egg “McMuffin”

Hi everyone.  You may have noticed that you’ve been seeing fewer HDHH posts than normal, and I apologize for that.  But there is a reason besides the weddings I keep alluding to.  I have officially accepted a new position at work, a promotion in fact.  While this is very exciting, it will definitely be a time of craziness and transition, however, I plan to maximize on that, as the premise of my entire blog is that I am a normal human that happens to be an RD – so I have to deal with crazy life changes, while marathon training – just like anyone else…. with wine.

Things you can expect:

Training updates


Probably lots of meal prep and breakfast ideas

For the next few weeks I will be going into work about 3 hours later than I normally do, meaning I will be doing my runs in the morning, followed by some exciting breakfast recipes.  This also meas, I’ll be getting back later at night, and to avoid spending all my money on the sushi restaurant around the corner – I will be heavily relying on food prep, to make a quick meal, a lot quicker after work.

Last week I did my final cooking class in my current role, and I focused on Healthy Breakfasts.  At the time of picking the topic, I did not know how much I would be using the recipes I had come up with.

This is a recipe I have made before, that I actually came up with on my own, and it’s so incredibly simple.



Things you need for a batch of 6:

>1 carton (it takes ~ 24 Tbsp) of egg subs, egg whites OR (my personal fav) 6-7 whole beaten eggs

>Chicken sausage about 1/2 a pack like Roundy’s or Amylu’s

>Arugula, or any green of your choosing

>Garlic/onion powder for seasoning, pepper is good too

>cheese is optional

Making it happen:

Preheat oven to 425, and grease your muffin pan

Start with your greens – rip them with your hands and put them into your sections first, then add the diced chicken sausage.  Then take your egg variation and fill each section about 2/3-3/4 of the way full

Bake at 425 for about 20 minutes, and season to your taste with pepper, or onion or garlic powder.

So.  I love this recipe for a multitude of reasons:

1) It’s so easy,

I mean from start to finish it will take you 30 minutes, and not even half of that time is “hands on”, and you have these left throughout the entire week

2) It’s a perfect “prep” recipe

Depending on your preferences and family size – you can have anywhere from 6-24 of these babies ready to go in under 45 minutes, and have them for the entire week

3) This recipe is a blank canvas

You can select your egg style (whole, whites etc), you can make this meatless, it’s also a really great way to add in a serving of vegetables at your breakfast meal.  I have personally done a few different variations, besides this.  I have done turkey sausage, egg whites, and kale, and I have also done feta, mushrooms, spinach, and whole eggs

4) They are versatile

You can eat the “egg cakes” by themselves, or you can put them on some toast, an english muffin etc, and even add some cheese – however I think they are wonderful topped with some fresh avocado.

Personally I eat them either alone, or I put two on some Flat Out, with a little avocado.

Macros: (these will vary a bit depending on if you do egg subs vs whole eggs, and +/- meat)

1 Egg “Cake”:                     Calories: 70                 Total Fat: 3 g                        Saturated Fat: 1 g              Cholesterol: 18 mg                      Sodium: 240 mg                   Potassium: 60 mg                   Total Carbohydrate: 1 g            Protein: 9 g

So give these bad boys a try – and for you runners out there – these are perfect to have around when you get done with runs.  I personally struggle with what I eat after a run, and a lot of times I end up reverting to breakfast foods because I have a sour stomach- typically oatmeal, and I don’t get enough protein.  But two of these are easy to put down, with my oatmeal.


  1. You have inspired me to go out and get some eggs! I am starting to wonder if I might have a gluten sensitivity and I am spending the morning alternating between researching this and reading my favorite blogs. So this is a great breakfast option to get back into. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on the promotion!

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