Chicago Women’s Half: Recap

This past weekend I did a few things.

I watched a Michigan State game, I drank way too much beer, bought some shoes, OH, and I ran 17 miles and started a new job.

I didn’t do all of these on the same day, Friday was for football and beer, Saturday was for being reminded that I’m not 21 anymore, and shoe shopping, and Sunday was for running and working.

I signed up to the do this half basically the day I could, because I found out that we would be running up and down the Mag Mile (Michigan Avenue)- so WELL before I knew I would have to work.  I was fortunate in the sense that I didn’t have to be to work until 11, and my race started at 7.

My day started off a little bumpy- as my watch could not/would not find a satellite connection- I looked like a jackhole on the street for about 15 minutes with my arm over my head trying to get a signal. So I wound up getting a later start than what I originally planned for. My plan was to do 3 miles before the half, then two miles after. I was only able to do two before, and because of stomach issues and time I was only able to do two miles after the race- but I still did 17- so I feel like: it’s cool.

Ok. Now for the race. Packet pickup: at (my) Fleet Feet store so it was super convenient and I of course I am incapable of going into a Fleet Feet without purchasing something- I wound up getting a SPI belt from Amphipod and some new Nike shorts, that I love!! I used both of these for the first time the day of the race- a gamble- but it was ok, I’m happy with how they both worked out.

The race itself was pretty cool- the sole reason I signed up to be honest was because we got to run down the Magnificent Mile- which is NOT common in Chicago. But that really only took up the first two miles. Everything else was on the trail. Miles 3-5 on the trail were pretty congested but thinned out after that.

The race started on time- and the course support was really good- I think 8 or 9 aid stations so that was pretty good. They also had “misting stations” along the course which was nice because it was a hot/humid day.

This race marked two things: 1) a distance PR, and 2) My first time having “potty complications” in a race.

I’m not going to go into detail. Suffice it to say- in a race I’ve never needed to run into a port a loo, and thankfully I was by one when I needed it- as I would not have been able to go another .25, or .5 mi to make it to another one.

I wish I were joking.

Not sure if the drinking on Friday caused this issue. Stress perhaps? Or a more oily-than-normal pasta sauce the night before. Either way. After this- I had a really hard time coming back. This happened at mile 9- and after that I felt ok for maybe 2 miles and then my stomach was really really upset. I did survive without any further incident but I have never been so happy to finish a run.

It was a little rough in spots at the time but looking back- finishing 17 miles makes me really proud. I remember when I thought running a 5k seemed like such a daunting goal. And now I’ve literally reached the point of insanity- that I think of a 5k as a “warm up”.

Reminding myself of things like this is supposed to help me get through my 20 miler this weekend. I am nervous but ready for it. I plan to get a good nights sleep and focus on steady consistent miles. In fact HDHH is making her first guests appearance at one of Chicago’s run clubs for these 20 miles. So be on the look out this coming weekend for a recap, and some deets on what I talked about- and a link up to another blog!!


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